Check Back Later [Tinkerer Bug]


Okey its event day i collected all stuff and I went to trinketer to done the event to get my fragments, afterwards I click Done its just loading circle 2x relog the game and its says Check back later? and did restart whole rotmg tried again still Check back later and again tried other account still Check back later ??


ty soo much for event i was going for the Marks hard collect 20 of them and its not working for me xD


Tinkerer breaks from time to time. Check back when your daily quests reset


Sometimes it takes couple hours to fix itself if you face “Check Back Later”. Alternatively, walk left 'n right until it works (will take many tries).


+1 what PRCSakura said.
it will eventually show unless u see a “can’t load quest data” on top left.


Allworked of couple hours of waiting.


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