Cheesecake Rogue skin isn't in the skins list


Pretty small issue, but the Cheesecake rogue skin hasn’t been showing up on my profile for almost 2 months now. I don’t know if it’s a sitewide bug or if it applies only to me, but it’s my favorite rogue skin and I’d love if it were to be added.

Skins still broken

Are you referring to your RealmEye profile or your wardrobe in-game?


They said it was a “sitewide bug” so I would assume its their RealmEye profile


@TruSlavPow, have you logged in the game, changed skin to the one you mentioned, then gone back to nexus and wait a few minutes or so? i’m not an expert, i’m just asking if you did that already.


Seems to be a sitewide problem, reason being if you try to look at the top characters by outfit under rogues there is no option or cheesecake rogue. Also in the skins section under your profile there seem to be no cheesecake rogue skin either. Probably just hasn’t been updated yet.


yup, absolutely. I’ve only been playing rogue using that skin on rogue since I got it. The cheesecake rogue just doesn’t have an option on the site and shows up as base rogue.


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