Chief Beisa and Agent of Oryx Items [Exalt Blog]


You can check out the AoO abilities here: [Spoilers] Early Oryx 3 UTs and 16 (!) Agents of Oryx Abilities althought they’re subject to change ofc

[Spoilers] Early Oryx 3 UTs and 16 (!) Agents of Oryx Abilities

Yay we get more visual hax .


Now I won’t have to worry about fake white bags!


I actually incredibly strongly dislike the loot preview showcased there for many reasons. I’m usually all for QoL changes that arguably add more visual clutter if they add useful information, but this is one I genuinely incredibly dislike.

Let’s begin with the fact it uh, could look better design-wise. I really don’t like the almost plain gray squares. I’m sure the offset outline on the items doesn’t do it any favors, but still. I’m usually not one to complain about art clash in RotMG, but this sticks out like a sore thumb.

It’s also completely unoriginal and uninspired. We all know where this is from. Let’s not beat around the bush. And somehow, it manages to look worse than the original. It takes up more space visually than its counterpart, so they managed to make an unoriginal idea worse. That sure encourages people that Deca knows more and makes better things than the cheaters do!

I know this likely is like a toggleable option or something. Still, it just seems so awful in anywhere but the vault. I can bear with it in the vault, since it does have its use for finding items (you still have to mouse over all your vaults, though! Just saves the time of having to walk to each vault), even though they honestly could just work on a proper vault UI and it would be much better for convenience.
In actual gameplay, I can’t see this as anything but incredibly disruptive. There are few situations where you would need to know the loot of the bag before you can walk onto it and grab the loot (especially given the value of tiered loot, for which it might have been relevant to check over all the pink and purple bags for upgrades to your gear, has been basically trashed by some other decisions Deca has made), and there are many more situations where if you moused over some random purple bag in your way your vision is slightly obscured by this thing which is absolutely larger than it should be.

(also, I do see it’s a work in progress, it’s just I don’t know how much hope I have that it will change given I’ve lost so much hope to begin with)

There are so many ways that Deca could have put their own spin on “loot previewer” that wasn’t practically a carbon copy but worse of something that already existed. I don’t believe myself as super creative but even I could think of more inspired ideas:

I just literally don’t think the bar was high to create an original loot previewer concept.


As stated, the preview shown is a work in progress image to demonstrate the concept in action. It’s not strictly representative of exactly how it will look upon release and it has been going through iterations as recently as just today. The mockups you provided are interesting and I’ll pass them along personally.


Yea, I edited my post like a few seconds after you responded to reflect that I do know it’s a work-in-progress and I think I worded it way too harshly. I did want to get my thoughts out there though, since I guess that’s the point of showing the work-in-progress.


RNG based abilities are your worst ever idea by far Deca, it won’t “add depth” to anything, and all it will do is make gameplay even more luck based, it would be a wiser choice to scrap this mechanic forever, don’t even bother trying to make such a shitty idea work.
That’s all i have to say.


Somehow one of our rotmg artists already gave us spoiler and knew that there are four confidants
I’d admit his other works are awesome and stunning


one thing that’s getting my attention is the statement saying that beisa will be making his first appearance when O3 releases, which implies he will not be getting a PT session. this, combined with their behavior in response to some of their past PTs has me wondering if deca has lost sight of what a PT session should be for: testing things. instead it feels more like teaser designed to showcase upcoming content to get the players interested. granted, closed testing should be doing most of the fleshing out, but I know for a fact closed testers have a habit of having divisive opinions on some topics where additional input may be needed, and if that ever stops being the case that in itself would be a very good reason to get some second opinions every now and then before the closed tester’s egos start getting in the way of doing good work.

it’s especially important if there’s some sort of unique gimmick that hasn’t been done before, which I’m guessing there is since the entire O3 project seems to be all about that. there could be some bugginess that got overlooked in closed testing that wouldn’t in a PT session because PT has the raw stress testing capability that closed testing never can with hundreds of people running the same thing over and over again in a short window of time.

but I also know this course can’t be changed at this point for beisa. deca sets themselves deadlines and by gum are they going to stick to those deadlines no matter what happens. punctuality can be a good thing, but this isn’t the first time I’ve found myself wondering if strict adherence to those deadlines is necessary or useful. it reflects poorly on deca’s time management skills to constantly showcase their own shortcomings by showing up to their self-imposed deadlines with missing or unpolished content (originally releasing crystal cavern with WIP art/stacked shots, lack of beisa in the O3 PT, etc.). I think deca really needs to learn either a) to take their unexpected slowness into account when setting deadlines and pad their schedule accordingly, or b) to adjust their schedule on the fly in response to things taking up more or less time than expected.


Are the previous equipments ever available? Like I started playing again while the armors shards drop from events, and missed the weapons. Will they ever come back into rotation?


nobody knows

hopefully they change the system to allow for people to trade tokens in for any of the items they want (with different prices based on what type of item it is)


What I really meant was, has it happened in the past? If not I assume they will go for rings next and then maybe start making it possible to get any type of shard, or cycle back going weapon>armor>ability>ring once again


no, they havent re-released the weapons since the armours were released

They’ll probably add them back because it’s an entire set of weapons that are unobtainable but that could be a long time from now


What on earth is that sprite trying to resemble? All I see is completly random pixels.


Looks like hes wearing a golden heavy armor and a dark read cloak, holding a golden double-edged war axe in one hand and a buckler in the other.
Oh and hes floating


Get em Xaklor

What on earth is that sprite trying to resemble? All I see is completly random pixels.

Yeah it need some work it’s very ugly.


My impression from when the Oryx Shards were released was, yes, they wanted it to be a rotating (annual?) token. I’ll try to find a quote.

Edit: this is from the first mention, talks about the tokens rotating to be a full set of gear but doesn’t actually say outright they’ll revisit it. But they probably won’t reappear until we’ve seen Abilities and Accessory/Rings. Quote is from Oct 2019 so still on target for seeing all four slots (weapon/armour/ability/accessory) in a calendar year.

And then this from when the Doorwarden tokens were added (Jan 2020) calls them ‘seasonal’, which is where I think it’s safe to assume they’ll rotate back around after the other two types have been seen. Though the 3 months hasn’t happened, guess that’s another case of Deca’s timeline slippage like Xaklor talks about a few posts above:


He looks sorta like a hunter type person to me, with the axe and antlers


I genuinely never understand the fixation Deca has on deadlines for content.

It’s not like the world will end if the release of something is delayed. People aren’t going to get up and leave if there isn’t a new dungeon released on like, next Wednesday; these deadlines are all internal, as well, so it’s not like they’re missing promises to the general public. AFAIK no one other than testers/UGC even knew there was a deadline for Fungal Cavern/Crystal Cavern (whichever of the two it was, or both), it just became really apparent to everyone that there was a deadline from numerous tester statements and the lack of polish on the released dungeon and associated objects.

The rush to get things done is completely self-inflicted and if anything, I presume it would hurt what they’re doing more if a major bug slipped through testing, or if the new content isn’t fun due to how rushed it is design-wise, etc.


Thanks for taking the time to find this, you’re the best!