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To shed some light and correct a few things here, Oryx 3 has been delayed, more than once in fact. We’ve worked to recognize when the intended pace of development doesn’t look like it’ll come through. If we stuck to initial deadlines as stubbornly as implied, Oryx’s Sanctuary would be released already. What you see is the result of multiple delays we felt were necessary to make a complete, polished release for one of the game’s most important content additions in a long time.


that’s good to hear as it is at least an improvement, but please understand there is still more improvement to be made for the future. O3’s release date isn’t the only self-imposed deadline in question here. the lack of beisa in the O3 PT session clearly shows room for further improvement in internal scheduling, and also adds to the image of PT as a showcase rather than a proper testing as not all the content was feature-complete and present to be tested in the first place. if doing 2 PT sessions was out of the question, then it would have been best to give the first PT session a similar leniency in timeline management until all the in-progress content was at least feature-complete.

to clarify, if a second PT session really is out of the question then just leave the course as-is, I’m not trying to demand O3 get pushed back even further if it’s not feasible. it’s just that learning from mistakes isn’t so straightforward if they’re not getting pointed out.


@Triforcej When I initially made the sprite I did base it on Refraction. Aurum later re-sprited it, keeping the general shape but making it a bit nicer nonetheless.
(I tried to find one of the old sprites, but couldn’t >_<)


I made a thread on what could be improved about Crystal Entity to rectify its’ rushed aspects and bring the boss to full potential and difficulty consistency if you’re interested.


Crystal cave is old news and I don’t think they’ll be revisiting it anytime soon.

See my previous post:

However past history has shown that Deca looks at a single issue, drops a massive nuke, and moves onto a different issue. Kiddforce was pretty clear that they will not be revisiting Halls anytime soon. It’s not that Deca never makes modifications (because they do). It’s that they don’t commit to long term monitoring (maybe this is because they are short staffed). They dropped the massive nuke that was Halls 2.0 and I am confident that they have no plans to adjust it any more.


I’d like to know what you mean by “massive nuke”, are you implying that their changes are too drastic, and negative? That they don’t do smaller changes? Would you consider the Cemetery rework a nuke? What about the dungeon polish patch?


Well take the bard for instance. They looked at the PT, made a big sweeping change, and have moved onto other issues.

If you look at a game like Smash, the characters go through countless buffs, nerfs, and other changes.

It’s somewhat an unfair comparison due to the size of Nintendo of course, but the point still stands.

A proper way to do things would be to release the content, test it out for a few weeks, and make changes.


All they did was replace energized with a self buff, which was quite clearly the right thing to do from a balance standpoint since that buff would add even more overpoweredness to ability spam.

The smash comparison also doesn’t work very well as Smash is a fighting game with tournaments, and also alot more complex to balance than RotMG.

But i do wish they did smaller but more frequent patches.





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