Chief Beisa is the hardest miniboss in Oryx's Sanctuary


Well its time for me to say something. The Beisa Lover. No one knows me but if u know me in the realm discord u would know very well I actively say Beisa is the best designed boss in the entire game.

HOWEVER, I do not believe Beisa is the hardest boss for MANY reasons, but first we have to take a look in the different types of attacks bosses do.

DISCLAIMER: I was kinda burnt out while writing this, but Beisa conversation I want to talk.

General Difficulty
Dammah and Lecuoryx
They both work of being in a roughly stationary spot with very mechanical attacks that require u to dodge specifically. However I’d say Dammah has the edge here solely due to having more consistent harder phases.

Dammah has 3 hard attacks (6 if u include counters) for his first phase
and another 3 MUCH harder attacks for his second.

Lecuoryx on the other hand has 5 attacks (6 if u include 1st/3rd counter) for his first and third phase.
2 rather easy attacks (cones and paralyze stars)
2 slightly harder attacks (wavy shots and boomerang shotgun)
1 REALLY hard attack (orbs)
Third counter while it is hard, once you get used to it, its not as hard as it seems.

Lecuoryx’s 2nd and 4th phase is just a tricky rotation which isn’t that hard

Gemsbok… I don’t know how to talk about gemsbok mostly because I still struggle with him more than Dammah and Leuc personally but people who know what they are doing easily trash him.

But personally I’d put Leucoryx and Beisa at the bottom.

Leucoryx once u learn him is really easy to understand and perform
Whereas Beisa is really easy to pick up and due to his agro he is more likely to pick up other players.

After that we have Leechability

Dammah, we all know you almost can’t leech Dammah at all.
Lecuoryx, you really just need to know where to stand
Gemsbok, safe spots, oh so many safe spots.
Beisa, it… depends…

Beisa is in a tough spot in leeching mostly because there is “quick-learning” and then there is “brain used”.

Dammah requires the most learning, Beisa requires little learning. Beisa’s patterns, once you see them you almost completely know how to play against them. However, Beisa easily requires you to know what the hell is going on during the entire fight even if you’re not focusing on the boss. From the different formations to the area denials to the birds.

This one theres 2 catagories of soloing, ranged and melee.

Gemsbok, easily the hardest. Teleports around, status effects everywhere, 3d attacks that do damage. Do I need to explain?

Dammah, goodluck trying to survive with no defense and a ton of bullets.

Lecuoryx, this is just a less dangerous dammah

Beisa on a ranged character honestly is not that hard at all. Most of the time you have more than enough range to keep your distance even when he chases and the only time you are “vulunerable” is if he finds an opportunity to charge on top of you

Also Gemsbok, if this isn’t the hardest I don’t know what is, you outright can’t go near him without the threat of getting shotgunned to do damage.

Beisa, Beisa is definitely much more harder on a melee compared to ranged, due to things like predicting Beisa’s movement, you can sometimes not even notice when he starts to charge on you. The amount of bullets surrounding him also just terrifies the thought of pushing in.

Dammah, Dammah beats Lecuorx because you don’t have to focus as much on trying to land your shots during critical phases like Miasma.

Lecuoryx, easy to hit, more health and tankyness.


Dammah is generally the hardest
Gemsbok is the easiest to leech but also the hardest to solo

Lecuoryx and Beisa are left with the easiest both for completely different reasons.
Despite this I’d say Beisa is easier solely because it doesn’t require as much “pattern knowledge” like Miasma or Third Counter, but focuses on sight reading, quick thinking and dodging while being chased.

If you put an experienced realm player, they are more likely to struggle in Leuc just because they have to learn how the boss works (orbs and counters) whereas Beisa is very obvious how the boss works and most of it can be done with enough natural pathfinding + dodging skills.

This is definitely not the case for every realm player, since some players are more mechanical therefore they are able to do things like Dammah without using a brain whereas some outright fall asleep during Beisa. The fact theres a boss that tests more on “The moment” than the mechanics of the bossfight itself which makes me really love this bossfight.


I thought that beisa is the easiest to leech due to being able to go to the other side of the arena and not even touching a single bullet, while not even able to reach the boss?

While beisa does have a lot of health, the fact that people leech or can’t reach him makes the longevity of his fight infamous.

Gemsbok, meanwhile appears in random areas, and the coins that circle the arena on top of that makes it almost impossible to leech, since you have to dodge and can easy hit the boss. The only time you can get into a leech worthy phase is when Gemsbok stays in one area until you push him into another phase.


My personal take is that leuc is the easiest in groups once you know how to do him whereas gems is the easiest in groups when you are first learning osanc.
However, the hardest to solo is gems no matter how much experience you have the constant sicken slow daze is painful and I personally find gems harder to solo than o3.

This is my own opinion however, I believe gems is the hardest no matter who you are to solo.


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