Chief beisa set rework


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Katana change
Changed description>> Chief Beisa designed and forged this sawtoothed blade himself with his magic to grant his minions admission as a gladiator. Its shattering strikes are amplified by his minions own slashing techniques.

Katana resprite>>

Buffed dmg>>210-220
Shot: 1

Ballistic star change
Changed named>> Ballistic circle

Changed effect>>> Speedy
Buffed dmg>>>2000-2300
Stat bonus: +8 dex +6 spd


Hmm, you should keep the star parametric, or else it’s just too strong.


I mean, this is based on leaked, unpolished items. How are we supposed to rework something that hasn’t even released yet?


Healing effect on star was because of other set parts giving bonuses for this buff.

IMO normal sprite looks much better and actually fits set.


You should probably at least let us finish the items before beginning to suggest item changes.

The reason you saw this in a “leak” post instead of us talking about the items openly, is because they’re not done yet. Meaning nothing you read there has any guarantee of making it to production.

Item stats in particular are quite malleable because there’s no side effects that need additional changes to implement them (unlike e.g. trying to tweak a boss phase). It’s not unrealistic that this item could change form multiple times in just this week and eventually release without any semblance of the stats you just spoke of.


tl;dr most niegil leaks misleading, quite a few of them never make it to prod; everyone seems to take them as fact when they’re quite literally unofficial. leaks.


They apparently weren’t even in testing file.


Misleading isn’t even close to what I’d call them. They do get changed, but even that isn’t extremely common. You can go through recent leaks yourself, there has been minimal, if at all, changes for items. And even if it is changed, the general concept is still the same.

With that said, I do think suggesting item changes before they’re finished isn’t needed. But there isn’t any “negative” in it, it’s taking up a single post.

I will say this is pretty funny, because sure there isn’t any guarantee, but the vast majority of the items leaked make it onto prod.


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