CLand [needs a] rework


It is my humble opinion that the Candyland needs a serious rework. It only takes one person to sit in boss (going on 30 minutes as I type this) and the rest of the dungeon can’t do a thing. My solution? Just let bosses spawn even if there are people inside the room. Flash a warding on the ground like with Janus and then let them spawn. People won’t die due to the warning, and people can still actually do something if some asshole decides to ruin the whole dungeon.


Changed the title because it seems it is an idea


i see nothing wrong with that lol
just clear until he exits the boss room then have fun with the chain of bosses that will spawn


Yeah… but not all of us have all the time in the world. I generally play casually between two activities and have a limited amount of time. It’s not fun to waste that time clearing and never seeing a boss in a rare to find dungeon because an idiot chooses to sit in the only place I can find bosses. Secondly, if your computer is worse then theirs, and you’re clearing while they’re sitting around doing nothing, you’re likely to disconnect before they do. If you don’t clear, then you’re just wasting time


Someone already said this before though…


My “Humble Opinion” is that Cland should just be entirely reworked. Currently its and infinite dungeon with low drop rates. How about make it less grindy, more difficult, with limited guranteed bosses, and with higher drop rates. Rather then fixing the current broken Cland, rework the entire dungeon like they did with ice cave.


Yes, a visual warning and spawn regardless of who is nearby would work fine. There’s not really justification for allowing one person to block the entire dungeon.

They changed it a while back, you can’t stack multiples of the same boss now (originally you could). So it is pretty pointless to clear for more than a couple of laps around if someone is blocking the spawn.


Well, the idea of being “infinite” isn’t bad in itself. Let’s say, the Cland has a guarentee of 3-4 special bosses that are guarenteed in a specific order. Those would have the main drops for the dungeon. After those spawn, the dungeon continues as normal, while the old bosses spawn in with more standard loot tables with chances of getting dungeon whites/STs at a much rarer rate (such as some minions in the Cursed Library do).

The dungeon does need a big rework, but if it is to stay as is, atleast up the EXP from minions to make it worth clearing/doing.


Communist idealogy

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Since this was bumped, I’ll just mention that the whole idea of having an extremely rare enemy run around midlands, that drops a dungeon that requires decent characters to do, that forces you to clear randomised spawns in order to simply beat a boss with ridiculous drop rates that might not even drop the items you want, isn’t fun
You can very easily waste a couple of hours sitting in a candyland having to clear for next to no reward, as no unmaxed character is actually capable of doing this dungeon that drops in midlands.
Plus, of course, the extremely easy trolling potential this dungeon has. Standing in place means no one gets to have fun.


Oh I completely agree with it. Just noting that it is communist to want to completely tear down the old to make it new and improved


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