[Class idea] Druid - Nature's Prophet


Druid, Nature’s Prophet

The druid lives one with nature, one with the wild, and everything. Oryx, however, is corruption. Both caring and ruthless, the druid fights Oryx with his sprouts of healing and pain.

Unlocked by: Level 20 Huntress and Priest

The Druid uses:

  • Weapon: Wand
  • Ability: Sprouts (details below)
  • Armor: Robe
  • Accessory: Ring
Stat Starting Gain/level Average Maxed
HP 100 20-30 575 670
MP 100 8-12 290 385
ATT 15 1-2 43.5 75
DEX 10 0-2 29 45
DEF 0 0 0 25
SPD 10 1-2 38.5 50
VIT 10 1-2 38.5 50
WIS 12 1-2 40.5 55
> The wand is a very long-range weapon, which reminds me of sniper archetypes; Characters with low fire rates, high attack powers, as well as outstanding range. As an addition to the wand class that was missing a member, this class is a mix of support and offense. Attack is high and dex is low for reasons that I have put previously. Speed, HP, MP, and Def are all normal for robe classes, if not slow for wand classes. Vit is slightly higher than Priest's since this guy won't have access to emergency healing like a priest. Low wis for balancing and making the ability more interesting. Read further to find out!

The green one is the Druid’s
Graph 2: to compare DPS of classes (pure weapon)

Ability - Sprouts of Life and Death

After pressing the ability key, the druid shall throw a sprout to the cursor. After landing, the sprout will generate an AoE with a range of 3 – 5 tiles which heals allies and damages foes. This ability is very similar to heal of a priest, but requires prediction to aim where you’re going to be when you need the heal. You will also gain a wis boost which should assist other classes (and yours), which acts like a HP boost from pally; it doesn’t stack, but it does increase duration. This class acts a lot on modifying stat parameters.

Upon pressing the ability key, a stationary projectile appears on top of the tile closest to the cursor
(Similar to a Void Blade projectile)

which lasts for 1.5 seconds (the duration of a throw) with light blue trap-like particles in a 3 tile range.

Illustration of Ability (Click to Open/ Click again to enlarge):

Throws like a huntress trap with an immediate explosion. Also heals like a priest’s heal from the “0 seconds duration trap.”

Healing is very strong in a priest as I think it is often used as an emergency button. This way, it’s not as strong, and I think it should allow for a higher DPS character to exist. I’m quite sure that damage and healing should be used in 2 different situations, but value maximizing should push people to try and hit enemies and be close at the same time. While this might sound counter-intuitive, the fact that it is a skill means that it will be used rarely, for example to clear mobs that are rushing towards you. Not to mention, it should help Melees naturally because you’re going to throw it to where melees are. The fact that where your sprout will land is marked by that marker is also quite useful for people who want to get some.
Noteworthy classes are priests and paladins which uses wis as skill modifiers. and Necros Deca pls

Sprite Name Tier MP Cost Radius AoE damage Heal Wis Buff Duration Stat Bonus
Brussel Sprouts T0 50 2.5 100 if wis>40 (30+30*wis/40) else (60) 10 2.5 seconds
_Your mom has always been forcing these on you, but now it's time for you to make allies and enemies alike to eat vegetables!_
Wildflower Sprouts T1 60 2.8 150 if wis>40 (35+35*wis/40) else (70) 13 3 seconds
_Infused with the scent of nature's gift, this plant hides in it healing, and hurting, properties._
Moonbell Sprouts T2 70 3 200 if wis>40 (55+55*wis/40) else (110) 17 3.4 seconds
_Grown under the lucent light of the moon in the depths of the Mysterious Jungle, Moonbells are known for their enigmatic presence._
Witherwillow Sprouts T3 85 3.3 275 if wis>40 (70+70*wis/40) else (140) 20 3.8 seconds
_Somewhere in the depths of the Forest Maze, a great Witherwillow stands, spreading its seeds to realms other than its own. It's gloomy barks hide a bitter, yet effective ointment._
Sandlotus Sprouts T4 100 3.8 330 if wis>40 (80+80*wis/40) else (160) 22 4.4 seconds
_The elusive Sandlotus blooms only under the harsh desert climate in pure water oasis. This hardy plant brings wrath to intruders, but has great medicinal properties._
Mana Palm Sprouts T5 120 4 400 if wis>40 (100+100*wis/40) else (200) 25 5 seconds
_Mana Palms are filled to the brim with natural mana in a highly concentrated form. Its sap is used to channel magic that exudes comfort to the living, and pain to the corrupt._
Lighthaven Herb Sprouts T6 120 4 400 if wis>40 (100+100*wis/40) else (200) 25 5 seconds +2 wis, +2 vit
_Only the most dedicated Druids can turn the strongest essence of monsters and create Lighthaven Herbs, capable of bringing the dying to their prime, and bringing justice to the crooked._ ## Untiered Abilities

UT - Yggdrasil Husk

A small husk from the great tree of life. It seems to have great exorcising powers, as well as revitalizing effects.
dropped by: Large Ghost (The Ghost King’s buffed Ghost)

Name Tier MP Cost Radius 1 AoE damage 1 Heal 1 Def debuff Radius 2 AoE damage 2 Heal 2 Stat Bonus
Yggdrasil Husk UT 140 2 750 if wis>40 (125+125*wis/40) else (250) if wis>40 (10*wis/40) else (10) for 4 seconds 5 250 if wis>40 (25+25*wis/40) else (50) +20 HP
[s]A Natural Nuke,[/s] Murky Toxin-style Def-melting bomb. Puts a def debuff on enemies, and massive heal on smaller range, as well as def melter. The larger one is smaller, but still pretty effective. No wis buff, though.

UT - Elderberry Bushling

Extremely bitter berries, these berries are said to grow at the edge of the netherworld. The smell of its juices drive people angry.
dropped by: Red Demon

Name Tier MP Cost Radius Dex Buff Att Buff Duration Cooldown Stat Bonus
Elderberry Bushling UT 150 2.5 if wis>40 (10*wis/40) else (10) if wis>40 (10*wis/40) else (10) 2 seconds 5 seconds

A straight major buff to 2 ends of the offensive spectrum. It’s weaker than damaging or berserk, but it should prove powerful, especially in conjunction with said buffs. I have my doubts about this UT, but at least it shows the potentials for UTs of this class!

Author notes & update log

2017-06-07: Release Date. Holy Moley, that took waaaay too long. Constructing this post took like 5 hours at least. Well, I’m taking a break now. Thanks for reading up until here!
2017-06-07: Removed vit buff from Ygg Husk. Couldn’t fit that into the post…
2017-06-07: Added duration of wis buff and def debuff. Nerfed stat buff/debuff amount.
2017-06-07: nerfed Att buff from elderberry UT.
2017-06-07: Edited the illustration to make it clearer
2017-06-07: Reduced overall range of abilities
2017-06-07: Changed range -> Radius, credits to werbenja
2017-06-07: Changed Wis Modifiers, credits to werbenja
2017-06-08: Changed class unlock requirement, by popular voice to Huntress and Priest(credits to CandyShi and StuartCat). Fixed some writing error, changed default sprite.
2017-06-08: Changed sprite sizes for ability sprites. Boy, didn’t I think of that! credits to Werbenja and StuartCat!
2017-06-24: Reduced MP cost… huntress’ MP cost had just been reduced, so I reduced this one as well. Credits to Werbenja as well!
2017-07-09: Added abilities’ descriptions. THAT took a while to create.
2017-07-09: Updated the DPS table… Sorc got buffed real good
2017-09-11: Changed the Mana Palm Sprouts description and updated some sprites to have shadows, credits to Seelpit for the heads-up, and Shatters for editing the post when I can’t!

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I really enjoy this idea i had a little trouble comprehending the sprouts but it all seems fairly balanced other than than that, as a player who has been playing this game for a long time (not that i have the stats to show for it.) think this could fit right in with the other classes and doesn’t seem to complicated. Keep it up!


I would like to comment on the whole class, but since I’m short of time right now, I can only admire this…

This was probably the first post in a long time that made me laugh!!!

Inb4 Brussel sprouts emoji


Aww, it became darkened in your post… I thought the first things of “Sprouts” that came to my mind was brussel… and I forgot to google it :flushed:.

here, a cleaner one


gotta say. i can see the effort you put into this. nicely done.

(unlike this post)


Thanks! I sure did take a while



Very interesting.

The mana costs seem stupidly high. Do you have a reason for that?

By range, you mean the radius of effect, right? If it’s a throwing ability like the trap and the poison, the max range is the corners of the screen.

You’re applying wis modifiers to a class that doesn’t have much wis to begin with. I checked real quick and apparently all wis modifiers already in place begin at 30 wis and go all the way to the max wis of those classes, 75 (not counting bonuses from equipment), with a total of 45 in between. Yours begin at 40 and go up to 55, 15 levels in between. Seems kinda low, but I saw you made the scaling pretty high to compensate and, because of that, every point of wisdom makes a bigger difference. I’m not sure if this is good or bad. You could make the max wis of the druid 75 and have a smoothier scaling, but it’s not necessary, I just wanted to touch on that aspect of the class.

I really like the way the ability works, but the UTs seem kinda bland. Def debuff and att buff are weakened versions of armor break and damaging, respectively. The nice thing is that they stack with armor break and damaging, making deadly combinations.

All in all, seems like a well made class. Kudos.


I’ve come out of my cave once again to finally comment on a good idea…

This idea is actually pretty good! It’s awesome to see posts that aren’t just “DECA PLS (random change)” in #ideas. I like the concept of the Sprout, and the UT’s a very good. Speaking of which,

I love the UT names! They’re unique and add flavor to the items.

The ability seems incredibly useful and reminds me of Zenyatta from Overwatch, a Support character that can heal his allies and make opponents take 20% more damage.

Overall, great concept! I see this as a quality idea within a sea of crappy ones.



Yeah, I looked at Necro’s and Huntress’ ability MP costs, and they seem high. I thought that the wis buff is very strong, limiting this class to a chain of only several sprouts in succession… Pets kind of negate that, but this high of a cost shouldn’t be too bad. When maxed, robed classes have about 300-ish with armor, so I thought up to 2 uses per recovery is nice.
The range might be too big, as you have pointed out… I think I should nerf it to about 4 tiles at max

Yeah, I suppose a smoother scaling would be better. I just want to use the wis buff-combo aspect as well. I believe there shold be a middle-ground ratio somewhere…

Thank you! 8/10 from you is as good as I can wish for, especially for this kind of idea. I do seem to make classes which has Overwatch-inspired abilities… Well, they ARE fun, so I like taking inspiration from them!


I haven’t. All I did was ask you if the information you passed by the name of range actually means radius of effect. Range would be the maximum distance you can throw your ability at, and in the case of traps and poisons, there is no limitation other than the maximum distance you can see in the game. Radius of effect defines the area of effect that the ability will reach, that is, the maximum distance an enemy (or a player, in the sprout’s case) can be from the epicenter of the ability (where the ability landed) to be affected by it.

If you’re comparing the sprout to traps and poisons, it makes no sense to give it a range, only a radius of effect.


Ah, right. It even says radius on the realm wiki pages. My bad. I’ll update them now!


i need weed sprout
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Dude those are weak stuff. Try this roll hits blunt
Wait a sec… what is this?

*On a serious note, I would love making some speed buffing sprouts, but the troll potential is pretty high with that one…

[Spoilers] Summer Update Leaks [now on prod]

This idea is really well thought out and, well, complete!

I usually avoid posting on ideas (I don’t really like ideas >.>) but this is a nice idea

On another note, you should submit that sprite to deca for the deca art contest :wink:

Only problem with this is, well, it’s a combination of priest and huntress.
That isn’t bad though, necro is a combo of wiz and priest.

For the UTs can you give a drop rate / bag drop? c; (wite bag, cyan, etc)


People often say necro = priest+ wizard

but i think this would be a wizard + priest,

seems quite similar to necro, just more versatile, but more planning needed. Although i guess that is enough of a change.


This is one of the most well thought-out class ideas that I’ve ever seen on the forums. Sprites are great, the names and lores are all great, and the class is balanced and I think it is a great idea!


I think its a like archer vs huntress thing except in this case the huntress is meta



I’ve got to say, this is the first well thought out and complete, professional looking class idea that I’ve seen in a while.

I would personally say this is a priest + huntress, because of lob style healing (trap style) with a wand weapon.

The sprite looks nice, you definitely used the other ones as a template The only difference is that for the frontal view, there are too many shades of green on his chest. Only do the fancy pixeling with skins - classic skins are very simple colours.

Your seed sprout sprites are really cute, they actually remind me of flowerpot flowers in Minecraft lol, looking good. Props to you for making that ability illustration.

You followed the right way to make a tiered ability, really nice. It just looks professional. For me, it looks like the table got cut off for [stat bonuses]. One thing you could add are descriptions for each individual tiered ability. It would make it look that much better and complete.

Untiered abilities are both unique and balanced. Nicely done.

That little author note & update log section also makes this seem more professional. Nice to see what you’ve worked on and that you’re accepting feedback.

Overall, well presented with a clean and polished look, good complete idea.

[quote] Here, take my like :thumbsup:

Looking forward to seeing more great posts like these in the future. [/quote]


I just read Nature´s Prophet Dota2 came to my mind.