[Class Idea]Exorcist - Shot-boosting Katana


#Exorcist - Shot-boosting Katana

Souls are very interesting. Some are stronger than others, and some more violent. Some decide that souls are worth dedicating their lives to, and some of those are determined to keep soul-bearers in line. Exorcists bend souls to their will, harnessing their powers to strengthen them and their allies.
Unlocked by: level 20 Ninja and Necromancer

The Exorcist uses:

  • Weapon: Katana
  • Ability: Souls (See Below)
  • Armor: Hide
  • Accessory: Ring
Stat Starting Gain/level Average Maxed
HP 150 20-30 625 720
MP 100 2-8 195 252
ATT 15 1-2 43.5 75
DEX 12 0-2 31 55
DEF 0 0 0 25
SPD 10 1-2 38.5 65
VIT 8 1-2 36.5 40
WIS 8 1-2 36.5 50
> Those who have seen my [Ronin Class idea](https://www.realmeye.com/forum/t/class-idea-ronin-the-binding-katana/9854) may notice that the sprite is similar, and there's a reason. This was supposed to be Ronin 2.0, but I thought that the Ronin's ability was too similar in practice to a huntress. Also, a lot of people pointed out the dragging potential (Thanks Dappertron and Scorchmist!). The Idea behind the old Ronin was that it was supposed to help piercing classes hit their targets better, so now I changed the ability to not only reduce trolling potential, but also to help all classes in general! What's the ability! Well, you'll see souls down later! For stat explanation; HP, Mana, Def, Vit, and Wis are all actually standard, save for wis which is low if compared to a Ninja. (But we have pets) Attack is 75, and dex is 55. This class is supposed to hit harder, but slower than a Ninja, resulting in an overall lower DPS. Speed is a whooping 65 because this class does not have Ninja's speedy, which bumps up its speed even more. Besides, one of the UTs help to boost said speed further by virtue of simply equpping it. Graph : to compare DPS of classes (pure weapon) Exorcist is the white one

#Ability: Souls - Turning Life Force into Enchantments
There are two new status effects that is essential to this class:

Your projectile size is DOUBLED.

Since it is impossible to double projectile size in the current game, it could also set the shot amplitude by +0.5 and sets the frequency to 10, hence making it cover 1 tile larger, which is 1 tile more than original, hence twice the size. Frequency is10 to make sure said shots don’t miss. Also, the effect when plugged into pfiffel is pretty cool.

Your projectile speed is 1.5 times faster, but lasts as 0.75 times as the original, effectively making yourprojectile faster, but with the same range.

Visual Aid



  • Enchant helps all classes hit targets easier, especially when both target and you are in motion.
  • Burst is inflicted only to you,and eases targeting slightly, as your projectile hits the target faster.
    A note to mention is that Void Blade is going to last shorter, but the hitbox is going to be bigger.
    Assuming that you are viewing at 0 degree angle, and your cursor is straight in front of you, after pressing the ability key, you spawn a piercing projectile 2.5 tiles left of your cursor, which goes to the right with range of 5 and speed of 5 tiles/second. Here’s an example for slanted angles:

    Depending on the number of enemies hit, the buff duration of Enchant and Burst differs, with more enemies meaning a longer buff is attained. All allies in your buff range, which is affected by your wisdom, is Enchant-ed. You also gain Burst.
Visual Aid

The Soul ability practically has 2 parts; the attack, and the buff. The buff duration is based on the number of enemies hit by the attack. Allies in your ability radius is buffed with Enchant, you are also buffed with Burst. Wis affects ability radius.

Unless stated otherwise,

  • all Souls’ projectile(Bullet) has 5 range, with speed of 5 tiles/second.
  • Enchant is given to all allies in your buff range.
  • Burst is given only to yourself.
  • Buff radius is 4 if wis is<30. Else, range is 2 + 2*wis/30.
  • All souls have a cooldown of 0.5 seconds.
  • Buff duration is (X + Y * 0.5) seconds, with a maximum of 6.5 seconds.
  • X is the base duration of a Soul, which increases over every tier.
  • Y is the number of enemies hit with the Soul Bullet
  • Every enemy hit by the Soul Bullet is damaged, based on the damage of the tier

The Soul helps all classes hit their targets! I think this is especially useful when the target is always on the move, like the new Bee on some phases. Piercing classes are greatly helped because their bullets can potentially hit more enemies easily than before. Non-piercing is also helped, but only on single target. Burst is given only to you as it changes the timing of a bullet. Not that burst does not increase attack speed, only projectile speed.

Sprite Projectile Tier Name MP Cost Base Duration Damage
T0 Flickering Soul 65 1 second + 0.5 per hit (max 6.5 seconds) 80-120
A fleeting soul, indifferent to passing to the next realm or staying in the current one. It looks forward to having company, and sometimes lures people to join it.
Sprite Projectile Tier Name MP Cost Base Duration Damage
T1 Willful Soul 70 1.3 second + 0.5 per hit (max 6.5 seconds) 150-225
Burning with passion, these souls are as lively as the living themselves. Although naughty, only nature’s forces would stop this soul from getting what it wants.
Sprite Projectile Tier Name MP Cost Base Duration Damage
T2 Impish Soul 75 1.6 second + 0.5 per hit (max 6.5 seconds) 230-270
Very mischievous soul which was not bound by rules and even sets out to challenge them. Every problem it faces, it can turn to its favor.
Sprite Projectile Tier Name MP Cost Base Duration Damage
T3 Brave Soul 80 2 second + 0.5 per hit (max 6.5 seconds) 315-355
A soul which feared none and sought to conquer death itself. Even in death, its bravery sets it and other souls it contacts ablaze.
Sprite Projectile Tier Name MP Cost Base Duration Damage
T4 Innocent Soul 85 2.5 second + 0.5 per hit (max 6.5 seconds) 400-440
Innocent souls are very unique. It believes deeply in what it fights for, and its will is as strong as steel. As such, it maintains great spiritual strength.
Sprite Projectile Tier Name MP Cost Base Duration Damage
T5 Vengeful Soul 90 3 second + 0.5 per hit (max 6.5 seconds) 530-570
Sometimes, a soul emerges from its host with unfinished business. Some souls learn to let it go and move on. Others become hungry, and seek to avenge themselves whenever the chance presents itself.
Sprite Projectile Tier Name MP Cost Base Duration Damage Stat Bonus
T6 Malevolent Soul 90 3 second + 0.5 per hit (max 6.5 seconds) 530-570 +2 wis, +2 Vit
In this realm, exists scholars and practitioners who study the nature of souls. Those who mastered it either use the knowledge to benefit others, or to prolong their own souls, bringing other’s essences to their own. # Untiered Ability Of course, every class needs their UTs. Variety is the spice of life! Here's some interesting ones that may spark your imagination as well; ##Radiance of Twin Jewels
Sprite Projectile 1 Projectile 2
_Souls of the twins who swore their lives to protect the temple’s ways, to slay those who disobey its laws. Even in death, the two souls are intertwined and shine together, bewitching those who stare its core._

Dropped by: Garnet / Jade Statue

Tier MP Cost Base Duration Damage Stat Bonus
UT 90 1 second + 0.2 per hit (max 3 seconds) 350-450 -4 dex +7 Spd +30MP
> DPS/Rusher's UT. Spawns 2 projectiles, creating an X mark on your cursor. Is about as MP efficient as the Doom Circle, but has limited buffing capabilities.
Visual Aid

##Hero’s Broken Spirit

Sprite Projectile
_Every hero has similar essence; never ending determination and courage. To break a hero is to take away everything said hero stands for, and to end the hero’s journey. This soul is broken, yet hope resides deep inside, waiting for another chance to change what’s wrong._

Dropped by: Large Ghost (Buffed Ghost King)

Tier MP Cost Cooldown Base Duration Damage Stat Bonus
UT 100 5 seconds 2.5 second + 0.5 per hit (max 5 seconds) 270-330 -4 dex +7 Spd +30MP
Dex Boost Def Boost
10 + 2 per hit (max 20) 5 + 2 per hit(max 15)
> Defensive/offensive mix. Adds straight to the stat, so it's stackable to other buffs. Needs 5 enemies hit to fully use its duration and buff.
Author's Log

2017-07-20: WOW, this post took a day to construct! Credits to LordDurscale and Dappertron from the Ideas Discord for giving feedback on the idea!
2017-07-21: Consistency update, the values in the table were incorrect. Thanks Werbenja!
2017-07-21: Added extra pictures, as well as a substitute effect to Enchant

Public Testing #7 - Status: Closed
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Very interesting.

I don’t know if I understood the way the projectiles of souls work. Do they always go in a angular direction, clockwise? If so, to create an ‘x’, shouldn’t the extra projectile from Radiance of Twin Jewels always go in a radial direction?

I like the idea of making the buffs’ duration scale with enemies hit. Permanent buffing seems possible, but only if you hit a lot of enemies everytime.

I’m also fond of the idea of tinkering with projectile size, even though I don’t know how feasible it is. As far as I know, all projectile’s in the game have the same hitbox, so maybe it’s impossible to alter it.

What I don’t like is the varying damage on the souls. Is it really necessary?

You say it’s like that unless stated otherwise, and then you go on to state otherwise in every soul possible, with none of them having a max duration of 6.5 seconds.

I enjoyed reading all the class ideas you posted so far, Bara. Keep up the good work!


Bro, you need to lay off the Blue Exorcist. Exorcists are supposed to be Christian priests that exorcize demons, hence their name. Why would then user a katana and wear a kimono.

PS they would probably have a robe, not a hide as their armor.


I like the idea of the projectile, but the Enchant buff is impossible, as all projectiles (and objects in general, for that matter) have the same hitbox. Burst is still possible, though. If the idea for the soul was just the attack, I think it’d be better. Overall, though, I enjoy the idea and the thoroughness put into it.


Exorcist is just a way to describe someone who fights demons.

I like the idea of a skill that boosts your projectiles.


@Werbenja, well, if we were to create an imaginary line from the player to the cursor, there would be another line perpendicular to the first one starting from the cursor, extending to 2.5 tiles to each side. This second line is the projectile’s path.
The projectile is always shot from the left, perspective of your character to your cursor, at the path of the second line.

The Radiance of Twin Jewels has its own trajectory, though… I think it’ll be faster if I draw it. I’ll get it in a sec

Well, I was going off the quiver and shuriken when I made this, so i kept the damage varied. Of course, I can eadily change it back, but right now, I’m thinking of keeping it consistent with the others. Hmm… I’m thinking about making it stable, alright

Derp, that was a last minute balancing that I forgot to update at the tables. I’ll be chancging the ones in the table

Thanks! I hope I’ll keep making better ones.

…or I can go full weeb and use Shinigami. :wink:
If we’re talking about lore, then perhaps a Soulweaver? Something with souls at this point .

Dammit, another one bites the dust, especially by in-game programming. Well, I’ll just keep the concept here.

I could, but just having the ability damage seems very similar to a wizzy/archer. Especially archer. I wanted to get some flair, I guess.

Aww, thanks! It sure did take a lot of pictures, hehehe

Thanks! Well, if it is possible in-game, maybe they can get the Necro or some other class’ UT to give this. We can dream, right :smile:


That’s what I meant by angular direction, sorry for not being clear. By radial direction, I meant the direction of the first, imaginary line you mentioned. So, to create an ‘x’, you could just make two projectiles, one on each of those directions.

What if my cursor was directly to my right or left? The trajectory would be vertical, there wouldn’t be a left edge to the trajectory. Making the shots always go clockwise (or counter-clockwise) would solve this issue.

By the same token, skulls, scepters, traps, poisons all have consistent damage, so yeah. Do me a favor a make the exorcist join the consistent side, would ya? :P``


Wouldn’t that make a plus? :thinking: I’m thinking of making it something similar to this

Ah, but the trajectory of the bullet is straight. I’d say the the bullet goes clock-wise, but that gives the impression that it goes in an arc…

Yeah, they do have consistent all across, but they are also all AoE ('cept scepters). I’m thinking about it, but I’ll decide soon. Definitely leaning towards yes, after all that!


Ah, I thought you just wanted the shots to cross each other, but apparently you want they to cross at very specific angles. Gotta love your instructive pictures.

I guess. I don’t think I can explain it easily what we’re trying to convey here without using the word ‘clockwise’, so just leave it at that.

That’s a good point. I’ve never noticed before, but apparently all damaging abilities that use projectiles (quivers, stars, spells and shields) have a range of possible damages, while the rest of damaging abilities (poisons, traps, skulls and scepters) have a single possible damage. So it would make sense to leave the soul with varying damage, since it’s projectile based.

Or we could change all the things in the game to have consistent damage and stop this nonsense once and for all.


Then instead of a size buff you could do a tight angled amount of shots buff with lower damage


That’s genius. How about wizards, or Dblades, though?


This is literally soul bender from
If you know what I mean


off-topic, but
Dungeon Fighter Online? I heard that game is good. Did you play it?
In any case, I think the concept of Exorcist in games is not exclusive to DFO, so it should be fiine

I’m worried when you are going to fight enemies with higher defenses, because it means that this buff is detrimental. How about making your current shots have an extra 0.5 amplitude, and set frequency to10? It really looks like it’s spazzing out, but it kinda fills the point of making it have a larger hitbox

also, it makes your shots have extra “souls” with it


yeah i play for a while
i had lv50 general(spit fire male gunner)


also why am i red star
i should be orange star now



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