Class idea- Heavy Gunner


This character’s main weapon would be the hammer, which has a slow fire rate and low range (4-5) but does splash damage to groups of enemies. The t12 hammer would do about up to the damage of a crystal sword. I imagine hammer classes to excel at crowd control

I don’t know the exact stats yet but I imagine it would be like a knight, but slower and with higher ATT and DEX.

Its ability is to spawn a turret. It takes 2 seconds to build and has a lifetime of 5-15 seconds (depending on tier), and a range of 5-7 (depending on tier). Turrets don’t do much damage by themselves but the Tinkerer can spawn multiple, and the damage can stack up. I imagine an 8/8 heavy gunner would be able to spawn 5 before running out of mana, and to prevent magic heal pets from abusing this, the maximum amount of turrets the gunner can have alive, regardless of mana, is 5. The damage the turrets deal would scale with Wisdom, and 5 t6 turrets can boost the Gunner’s DPS up to close to that of a wizard’s

It would wear heavy armor, just like a knight.

Turrets shoot about 3 shots per second

T0 Arrow Turret:
Damage per shot: 10-20
“This crude turret can shoot a few arrows before falling apart”

T1 Crossbow Turret
Damage per shot: 20-30
“This heavy turret shoots powerful arrows. Created by mounting a crossbow on a swiveling pedestal, it is nonetheless effective”

T2 Cannon Turret
Damage per shot: 30-40
“This turret shoots powerful cannonballs.”

T3 Turret of Eldritch Witchcraft
Damage per shot: 40-50
“This magic turret harnesses primal energy to shoot bolts of mystical force”

T4 Turret of Demonic Firepower
Damage per shot: 50-60
“Crafted in the lava fissures of the underworld, this powerful turret leaves burning gashes in enemy lines”

T5 Turret of Regal Destruction
Damage per shot: 60-70
“This extremely powerful turret was once used by ancient kingdoms in their war against the Trolls.”

T6 Turret of Cataclysmic Annihilation
Damage per shot: 90-100
“Ancient nations rose and fell with the use of this unimaginably destructive turret”

UT Killer Pillar
Damage per shot: 35-40
This unique turret doesn’t shoot in one direction, but instead in every single direction. It is a scaled down version of the Avatar of the Forgotten King’s Killer Pillar.

UT Turret of Piercing Death
Damage per shot: 90
RoF: 33%
Shots hit multiple targets
"This turret shoots so fast it can pierce through enemies. Details of its construction remain unknown.

Turret damage would count for soulbound, as turrets do not have much health and are easily destructible.


Its a creative idea, though I find it much like the new classes you see in private servers…they are only cool for a little while, but alone I don’t see this class able to hold its own. If anything, the hammer could be an ability, a singular ability, not for a new class. It could even be a Reskin ogmur for all I care, breaking the enemy kinda like Thor when he comes flying out of the shy with his hammer in multiple scenes. That’s as far as the hammer should go. As for the turret…Just no. This isn’t clash of clans, or plants vs zombies. It’s not something we need in rotmg.


The turrets are literally stationary prism decoys that take damage for you. :stuck_out_tongue:




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