[CLOSED] Crewmates Recruitment 18+ guild [USMW2]


[USMW2] [Ages 18+] [Friendly & helpful]

We are a growing guild with an active discord and upgraded guild hall. We participate in ROTMG events, guild dungeon raids, and other miscellaneous farming. Occasionally we hold guild PPE competitions. Active members who provide positive contributions to the guild are rewarded with higher guild rankings. We look forward to your application!

About Guild Keys
We are looking for loyal and active members who want to be a part of the guild for the people, not for free keys. Most of us work and have responsibilities outside Realm, which can sometimes prove difficult to schedule key runs. However, we do try to get people together to run event and raid dungeons whenever we can.

Successful raid dungeons so far: Shatters, Cults, Nests, Tombs, Fungal/Crystal Caverns, misc. epic dungeons
Still working on: MBC, Void, Inner Sanctuary (O3), HTT, Secluded Thicket


  • Age minimum is 18 years.
  • Ages 15-17 will be given a trial period until they prove to be compatible with the guild.
  • Set to PUBLIC on Realmeye: characters, graveyard, name history, guild history.
  • English only.
  • Star minimum color is dark blue.
  • Time Zone: PST to EST preferred.
  • ZERO tolerance policy for cheaters, hackers, or scammers.
  • Initiates have a 1 week trial period to determine if they are a good fit before being promoted to Member.

Raid Requirements:

  • 2 or more 6/8 characters.
  • Red star and above.
  • Tombs, Shatters & Lost Halls experience preferred. Please convey if you are able to rush.
  • Must join the guild Discord raid voice channel to listen to raid leader (RL) call-outs.
  • Must follow RL instructions and learn to complete dungeons clean with the guild. Failure to do so will result in a temporary suspension from participating in guild dungeon raids.

To apply, please send a DM to Atakirna#7226 or DavidBarr#5538 on Discord
with the following application:

ROTMG Username:
Can you participate on Discord?:
Approx. how active are you on ROTMG?

Experience in Tombs, Shatters, Lost Halls, etc? Can you rush or contribute keys?:

If yes to any of the above, please explain:

What other games might you be interested in playing with your guildmates?


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