Collosus sword projectile


I always thought the projectile for the collosus sword was kinda ugly, so i thought maybe it could look something like this instead

Collosus sword


Projectile (changed):


I prefer the original. The new one looks too much like Splendor.


its literally splendor’s exact sprite, at least put some effort into making an original sprite…


Mhm, maybe embolden the projectile a bit, to make it fit the blade even more and to differentiate it from splendor’s projectile.


this is just splendor though


the yellow shot is a majestic bright gold ish that matches with the handle of the colo i thinks its pretty cool, your sprite is just a splendors if u think colo sword projectile isnt good enough then at least try to make an original sprite that could actually have a chance of replacing the original


That is the problem here. A projectile that comes from the blade of a sword should not look like it comes from the handle. No matter how majestic it is, it still looks like you slash with the handle rather than the blade, which is way less majestic and I think its why Laen says it…

Its not good enough, its really bad. Unless you can explain to us why the current projectile has the same color palette as the handle, backed up by lore, it makes sense now to think you really smash foes with the handle.

Anything that make it look more like the projectile is produced by the blade is better suited to be the colossus sword’s projectile, even if it is alredy used by something else in the game. But I have to agree, the projectile should really be bolder, to fit the blade’s thickness.


Its yellow because of the Magia inside him “Magia saps from my body… My immense physical strength STILL REMAINS!”


Explanation found. Now its majestic and it makes sense. perfect