Come be a ggenerate!


Welcome to the recruitment page for ggenerates! We are a new US based guild looking for members.

This isn’t our first time running a guild, so we have experience in building one up. We are hoping to become a guild known for being helpful and nontoxic, so we are looking for similar players to join!

  1. Lots of friendly players to talk and play with

  2. Quarterly events with rewards

  3. Private rooms in order to play in peace

  4. Weekly activities outside of realm

  5. Experienced players to teach you the endgame and help you max

  • At least 1 8/8 or 2 6/8s

  • Know how to cleanly complete endgame dungeons or be willing to learn.

  • Be able to speak English, and try to come in clear.

  • Be active in the discord and in game.

  • No toxicity is allowed, and will lead to a kick if it persists.

Requirements are a very important part of the guild, though we can be lenient if you’ve had a bad week. We ask all members to have at least 1 8/8 or 2 6/8s to show they can max their characters.

We check reqs the 1st and the 16th of every month. Please try to meet them by then.


In order to join the guild please join our discord below and fill out the application (Takes about a minute). For more information check out the recruitment page posted below.

If you wish to join the discord but not the guild, that is fine! Even if you don’t meet guild reqs you can still be in the discord. But know that the benefits you receive will be limited as a visitor.

Guild Realmeye:



Fun guild name.