Coming back to the game after about a half a year or so hiatus


What new things do I need to know? What new core features have been added to the game? What classes are good right now and what gear is the most overpowered? I stopped playing right when Oryx 3 rolled out. Only finished a few of them and haven’t really touched the game since August during O3’s initial release.

I’m interested in maxing a Samurai because I really enjoyed the class for its utility with exposed and having piercing weapons. What items would be the best to have on a samurai right now? I know the in combat/out of combat stuff probably changed which armors are the best so just trying to nail down which set I should be using.

Currently on Samurai I’m using a t13 katana (I also have an enforcer, celestial blade, and ray katana vaulted), wakizashi of eastern winds (I think I have the crystal wakizashi and the adventurer ST waki or whatever it’s called in vault), t14 armor (I have a breastplate and a bunch of ST armors in vault), and then crown as my ring. Does this set seem good or would you change it?

Just looking for general information to improve my experience. Advice about other classes aside from Samurai is very welcome also. Looking for just any info to help me get caught back up. Thanks in advance for your advice!


For samurai, best setup would definitely be enforcer for the katana. For waki the t7 ive heard is pretty good, but st adventurer waki is also excellent for single target dps, and eastern winds is great for consistent expose. Armors I would go for a dps armor, but if you want survivability then t14/breastplate is fine. Crown is still arguably best ring in game, so you’ll be fine with that. Summoner is a very good class atm, some of the maces I would get are hive mind mace that drops from beekeeper, or if you want to grind the campaign for the incubation mace that one is definitely best. Most oryx 3 stuff is the best gear, though enforcer might be getting the arc gap increased soon, it still is the best katana. Lumiare and vesture are still broken. Sorc, wizard, and summoner seem to be the best ranged dps classes atm, with the maces mentioned earlier being kinda broken. Anyways, glad that you came back and I hope this could help!


Wow! I didn’t expect to hear that sorc is really good. Why is that? I felt that in the past sorcerer was always just a mediocre wizard. Is necromancer still awful or have they done anything to improve that class?

And as for my samurai, looks like I’m pretty set. I saw that ray katana is also getting buffed which will be really nice as I appreciate the increased range on the weapon.


With the vital combat update, the increased vit on Sorc is very nice. wands were also buffed with +30% damage. Being able to sit in the back spamming scepter gives you plenty of time to dodge shots, and on the chance you get hit your vit will quickly take you out of combat so your pet heals you for more scepter spam. Sorc is a very solid class now. Although, summoner is arguably better now. I personally haven’t really played much of my sorc ever since summoner came out

(Sorc still has better vit, but summon with incubation mace has +60 HP over a sorc using parasite scepter which honestly I prefer)


Oh. Interesting. Yeah, when I was messing around with Summoner a few days ago, it felt really powerful. I guess only time will tell but glad wand classes are getting the treatment they deserve.

Seems like priest is a little underpowered now which is a little disappointing, so hopefully it receives some more changes to compensate for all of the nerfs it received a while back.


Underpowered is a little exaggerated; Armored remains effective, the Necronomicon’s Curse is on par with a Damaging buff, Geb Tome’s speedy is extremely consistent, tiereds have consistent healing, Puri is now by far the strongest direct healing tome - MP and healthwise! - Mushroom tome is a consistent, constant safety net for extraordinarily little MP, and Scripture…well…deletes stuff.

Oh, and my the Agent of Oryx Tome now has more consistent access to its healing orb.

As for Reconstructions: DDocks is now an extraordinarily great source of speed and dex, and Bilgewater (while not a pushover) isn’t that horribly difficult. Just…watch the Crab.

Sprite is generally faster than beefore, thanks to Limon’s total invulnerability time being four (4) seconds. Her fight is also much more toned down in terms of movement and instant damage.

The Item Forge is also now a reality! Simply put, 3 items of a tier + 1 or 2 mark(s) => item of that tier.
Blueprints give you access to crafting items - usually 3 items per blueprint. You can get them from most bosses; generally random, but “Exaltation” dungeons tend to drop blueprints for their respective items.
Additionally, some are buyable in the Nexus for fame!

Speaking of fame, the new system is fairly simple. You get a bonus for:

  • Kill enough of a “type” of monster (Undead, Nature, Grotesque, Oryx…)
  • Complete a dungeon enough times
  • Complete a set of specific dungeons once (all earlygame ones, all godlands ones, all encounter-related ones…)
  • Hits, quests done, tiles seen, ability uses
  • Max a stat

Most give a flat amount, but major ones like the “dungeon collection” ones also give a small percentage bonus!

I think that’s pretty much it. There’s probs stuff I missed, but nothing groundbreakingly ridiculous that should throw you off ^u^


The wand buff and especially introduction of Lumiare (ofc paired w/devastation) has singlehandedly shifted this dynamic.

My opinions on necro can be found here: Post your unpopular opinions about realm here


Many people will have differing opinions on the priest nerf. In my opinion, the priest is still a great class that was just way too overpowered pre-nerf. While the damage isn’t the best, puri/geb tome are excellent tools for survivability, plus fungal tome still provides good group healing. I cannot tell you how many times I was hard-carried by a fungal tome priest during MBC survival.


Also, make sure to utilize the new player transparency setting. Not sure exactly when it was added, but it makes dodging so much easier, especially if you modify it to below 50% (there is a guide on reddit on how to do this)