CommUNITY Campaign [Apr 8th to Apr 15th]


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how many oryx chickens have I done today…


I need this character slot so bad. Please redeem your quests :frowning:


In-game news item panel graphic:


I shall go and add my quest complete right now! (got a mark already in the vault heeheekee).

Edit: and image of the CommUNITY Quest:


Seem like we need every people alts/mules here. I hope nobody die with inventory full deca or something xD


Seems unlikely that we will pass tier 4.


As a proud owner of 200 mules, I’m trying to do my part.


Wait what??? 200 accounts??!! HOW?!




No what?


Just saw it announced on in-game chat that the total after day 1 is 23 897:


24,103 to go! Almost halfway there, so that’s a good sign.


Halfway in one day is impressive, but it’s definitely going to slow down from here. Still trying to stay optimistic tho


They should do a broadcast update hourly or so, that would help all the players that don’t use reddit and discord.


Haven’t played in months. Brb


Ha, whoops.


currently at 33170 completes

also fixed the misleading date in the title



Needs more graphs!

From the days so far, looks like we might fail to hit the top tier(s), unless there is a surge over the weekend or as the end nears:


Please update us soon!