CommUNITY Campaign [Apr 8th to Apr 15th]


From the Twitter, today we are on 42 399, and have passed the T4 reward which includes a vault chest:


woot woot free vault chest!

and it probably gives em to F2P players too which is awesome for them!


Why… wouldn’t it give it to them, too?


because money :money_mouth_face:

(plus I forgot this isn’t like most other MMOs that throw breadcrumbs at its F2P population).


Benefits my mules too!


I’m confused, who did you think would get the rewards then if not everyone??


It seems like it will be a close call, but we will potentially reach tier 6.


not to anyone in particular, I was just happy that essentials like vault spaces and character slots would be given to everyone. Other games would wall this off between some stupid special event you’d have to opt in via premium currency. in this its just a simple quest anyone can do, and an easy one too.

plus I expected a catch in it, because knowing DECA they can be REALLY greedy at times.

cough cough djinn skin cough cough


Copy pasted from reddit.

The final update:

“Why isn’t there any update, DEKKER!”

Weeeell, you were so close that we decided to wait until you unlocked Tier 6! … and you

just did! Congratulations, Realmers! Each and everyone of you will be getting a pack which contains:

  • Exalt Token x10 (more on that soon!)
  • Mystery ST Chest x3
  • Golden Lucky Clover x1
  • Vault Chest Unlocker x1
  • Char Slot Unlocker x1

We are happy to see that you came together for this greater goal!


Tweet of the success announcement:



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For info about the launch of Unity Open Beta, including names of the raffle winners (full ST set) and the reward package in the shop, see: Open Beta is here Realmers!