Community’s ( THE PLAYER NOT THE PEOPLE ) PPE Scuffed Moments Thread


Noooooooo this was the best ppe ever


Started the uhhhb themrnrfiene the summoner ppe i just need to do 25 voids halls and nests to max exalt pally yehs/ same thing rules for ppe EXCEPT I FORGE NOW since BIS item(s) for Summoner are not obtainable i.e. Incubation uhhhh won’t show st rings because trash is not loot uhhhhh hnggg started ppe epeepe with ramesthgr and naeoficle and josey thekslwsoqsolosskw T5 MACE AT PRE 20k BF HOLY SHIT


Not the tablet ;-;


I sac’ed my Tablet for a Colo Sword…


I love staff classes so this pains me



omega sussy


Sorry for not posting im down bad horrendously it you look at my graveyard- gonna take a coupl days n j should be vibin for a ppe yessirrrr


You… you taking a break from ppe?


don’t feed decas probably reworking gemstone