Compensation pack for fame




Compensation for…what exactly?

I guess it’s a neat little bonus tho .w.


probably the golden dagger bug


What kind of compensation costs fame, though?!? For 100 fame this looks like a decent deal at best, but it wouldn’t make me feel compensated for anything. :confused:


Oh shit this is nice. Love those lvl 20 potions, lvling is so boring.


I think Deca should’ve explained it. We all know what happened, but I’d be nice to hear it from Deca.


I really like Deca, but if they feel like we deserve compensation, posting an explanation first would be good. Also, why not give 1000 gold? Or a token to exchange for the reward you want, with 2-3 options (like 2 vaults, or a pack of loot drop/exp pots, or pet food) at the mark guy?

I don’t want to sound ungrateful, I’m just not happy about the gold dagger debacle.


Wait. it edns 1/9/19? WTF?


It’s June 1st in EU date format.


Oh shit :expressionless: Sorry.


A key (Cursed Library maybe) could have helped make it feel less of a ‘meaningless’ gesture. Though it’s probably one of those where they’d not win no matter what they did.

Well, or basically the whole world except USA. :laughing:
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Wait, what is being compensated for?



I havent been on recently, I have no idea what the golden dagger bug is


basically in the new dungeon, the cursed library, if you said “golden dagger” to the Realm Eye, it dc’s everyone in the dungeon and realm


@Nameness But not to worry! It’s since been fixed, and it now displays the text properly!
…I think! Unsure if last time I checked, the first line didn’t show up…


seems like a weird glitch, glad it is fixed, I love the cursed library