[COMPLETE] Life Hax: A ROTMG Comic


Aww, that last ending! You’re right about Rhea being quite iconic on her own, though that deadly vixen is sure… Clashy as you have described. Love the reactions to it!

For the next one, I’m just afraid about one thing; death seems pretty cheap now. You get reborn with unmaxed stats, but it wasn’t shown in the comic (since it ended).

Perhaps it should be taken note as a major conflict cause in the later stage, thus making the audience hope that she didn’t die, restoring the tension of death.

Also, glad to see Ballister becoming a better member of society. Was kinda hoping that Ballister would work as a Barrista, ayy.

(Also, dat jab at the yatchs tho)


The concept of the restart after death is a bit mixed in my mind. Ofcourse, it should be an uphill battle after losing a 6/8, but these days people buckle down and get back on the horse in about a day or two of play (including having good friends like Gollo and Geronimo to feed you pots.) But perhaps thats at the perspective of a 5 year player. I want to frame death as just being out of commission for a while (as I’m sure everyone dies or kills themselves for fame, especially in this universe where there are no multiple character slots for the sake of consistency.)

I could of made a small montage, but it’d just be about six panels, each showing a moment in a dungeon, conveying they ran enough to max a stat. But, I get where your coming from.


Rhea choosing another class after her death would have been an interesting plot twist.


“She doesn’t need the Hax, and actively finds heroes cursed with it to help them out as well. Many are too far gone, but there might be hope.” (300)
How I feel when I’m the only realmer in my group of irl friends who doesn’t need the Hax…


casual henez reference on pg 279



I just saw that the second comic ended, so I read the first one as like a prequel of sorts, and I already miss them.
Please consider making more, this shitty MS Paint comic is better than I could have ever hoped for.

There's a spy creepin' around here!

I’m sure I’ll do more in the near future. Though, I did have an idea about putting our heroes in short comics presenting some of the fan-made dungeons I’ve seen around. They all look great and all we got ingame is a boring puppet master reskin with bullshit enemies.

So yea, we’ll see.


There’s a party at the Manor that is to die for!

So to anyone still following this thread, Happy Spooktober (hopefully). Just drew up a quick image to celebrate and tell DECA to hur- I mean, get it out in a timely manner. Aside from that, just a quick update of what I’ll be doing for the comics.

Currently, I am making pages for a winter holiday comic. I’ll do as many as I can since this will be one on a deadline, and release them day by day. Rhea won’t be the star of it, but I’m sure you’ll all get a kick out of it anyway.

For the next comic in the official canon, I’ll post a poll sometime soon with all the ideas I have. They mostly convey the same story but from different points of view or different paces.

Anyway, have a fun holiday season, and I’ll see you all soon.


Rhea with that maid skin I see? I’ll be looking forward to the festive comics!

Also, I just realized how much your comic fills that void in my day. I’l be waiting patiently for your next one!


I’m still following the thread…


stick around friend, its always fun in the house


I see the henez reference with the gear.


I loved this so much I never saw the original but this is amazing thank you for making my life better.:grinning:


gee golly I don’t have even a slight clue what you’re talking about buddy


wat just happened???


A new comic for anyone who still happens to follow this thread.


ohh mememememememe!


Here have another too


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