Completed generic halloween skins


Before you say it, I finished these like a week ago. I’ve just been too lazy to put them in my usual format. And I still am too lazy to do that, but no point letting them rot.

Warrior - Skeleton pajamas: “This night wear will get you drafted, no bones about it”
Necromancer - Classic witch: “Taking a page from the wizard”
Trickster - Cat pajamas: “Nobody wants to be a square”
Knight - Bedsheet ghost: “I got a t10 leather armor”
Rogue - Phantom: “Say you’ll share with me just one whitebag”
Sorceror - Boogie man: “Like a potato sack, if your greatest fear was root vegetables”
Mystic - Jiangshi: “I need more mana”
Huntress - Frankenbride: “Even monsters can love”
Paladin - Ghede nibo: “I’ll protect you, even in death”
Assassin - Slasher pajamas: “One too many violent movies”
Archer - TP mummy: “What does TP stand for? teleport probably”
Wizard - Grave digger: “Taking a page from the necromancer”
Priest - Samhain: “Spirit of autumn festivals, he’s ready to keep things lively”
Samurai - Tengu mask: “High tension mountain goblin”
Ninja - Aka manto: “Red or blue? Pick wisely”

and of course the sprite sheets if you want to try them out in the dye tool:
04s - - - - - - - 5s


For the record, I’m a huge fan of the Phantom of the Opera, and forgive me if I’m a little harsh, but I think your phantom rogue skin looks a little crappy. Also the description says “just on whitebag”. The skin looks like the default rogue skin recolored with a gray mask. Last time I checked, the mask is supposed to be white.

Also, the description of “Share with me one whitebag” is I’m assuming based on the lyric “Share with me one love, one lifetime.” I believe that particular lyric was never sang by the Phantom in the Broadway play.


I was honestly planning to come back to him and flesh him out, but yeah, that’d be spriting. So probably won’t end up doing that.


Quite a shame, I was hoping someone would make a skin off the Phantom of the Opera.


Love it, the rogue, wizard, assassin and ninja skins are my personal favorites. Maybe because they reference media I like.


“I actually recorded this two nights ago”


Ickabod stop being such a salty peeve

/s pLEaSe No


Just for you



Edit: The mask should still be white, and I personally think that you might want to make the mask extend to that last pixel on the left side of the face.

Also, have you considered giving him a noose instead of a dagger? After all, the Phantom’s signature weapon in the Novel and the Broadway Musical is the “Punjab’s Lasso”


Originally saw your post on Reddit, I like the Knight and the Rogue the most. Good job :wink:


I like the wizard and rogue skins the best rn, knight is good but you can try some more shading on it.