Completely useless Pet Skill


So homies, today I finally got my divine pet, I spent time and gold on but finally I could have it, after the fuse I wanted to read a little about his abilities, Heal Magic Heal and Savage, and I found out that Savage only works for pets with attack abilities, which my pet does not have, how should I act?

Stuff it's taken me years to notice

pray deca reworks pet abilities and makes savage useful



The DPS on most abilities aside from Electric is negligible, and electric only works if the enemy is a few tiles away or on top of you, require some skilful maneuvering which doesn’t really pay off with like a few thousand more damage. The only place I actively try to use it is farming snake pits and cems, not exactly worth redoing a pet over.


Congrats on choosing the best third ability. Unfortunately, you will never appreciate it until you’ve had the displeasure of using an electric pet.


Completely useless Pet Skill

Like most of them, unfortunately


I disagree; though I am not sure about this combination (never could try but i’m actively seeking these abilities), I think savage+decoy can be extremely potent. Slap that with mheal and your pet attracts enemy projectiles while regenerating your mana pool. Plus, the healing will rarely be reduced because the pet attracts attention more than you thanks to savage. All you need to watch out for are enemies that come from behind and staying farther from the enemies

But I do agree that on its own, savage is pretty useless unless you like seeing your pet kiss enemies.


I mean, depending on the pet and enemy, that could be kind of cute!


:joy: Can’t help but hear my brother saying ‘‘Kawaii!’’ in the background…


Honestly it’s not the worse thing that could happen. Electric can mess up some circling patterns, and decoy can also mess up shot patterns. Attack far/mid/close can also shoot at things you would rather have left alone.


Sorry for 8 day necro, but what pairs up best with savage? Electric, attack close, or rising fury?


Savage and electric is godly. Savage has you charge and electric does a ton of damage and paralyzes


I’m thinking decoy, cause it’ll bring attention away from you when paired with savage.

I don’t remember where, but I do recall a video of a 100 electric/100 attack close/100 savage pet wrecking the 3 bosses of Tomb somewhere around these forums.

hey here it is


I remember there were times where these scary monsters charged at me which would have resulted in my death, but because my pet had electric it stopped them before killing me, so electric has saved me a lot of character deaths. To me heal, magic heal, and electric are prob the best stats for pet


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