Constant DCing


So ive been playing for years on this game, but the dcing is bad, am i the only one with this issue were i dc from litteraly 90% of endgame dungs?? whats going on with this game…


If the server you are playing on is particularly full you could dc from server lag just due to the server itself being overloaded. That said, I doubt that this would be 90% of the time. If you have experienced this over multiple servers, perhaps the issue is with your computer or client. My advice: switch servers. If that doesn’t work, reinstall. If that doesn’t work, put a support ticket in with DECA.


Are you talking about small lag spicks? If you are, they’re really hard to correct…


I think i found the issue, during some gameplay ive found that if you use your spell when inspired by a bard you instantly dc, its really dumb.


as of the latest update, people have been complaining about disconnecting upon ability usage.
I think there has been enough posts about it to have DECA’s attention. Hopefully, it’ll be fixed soon.