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Consumable and temporarily boosters rework idea

by Xiphor 16.09.2020


Part 1.

Due to new vital system and vault rework game will be more “difficult” for all level of skill players and new engine allows to “stack” more different consumables

I have some ideas how to rework old systems coz I think they are to uneffective and shall be active part of game

What we have now. So much consumables that no one use and must be more valuable in game mechanics

Let’s start from “Belt system”

What we have now:

Classic belt

Here we can place standart HP and MP pots

New belt

What is it? What’s new?

First of all you can stack here ENY consumables, for example:

What it’s gives? More interesting and stable tactics for combat and rushing

You will ask: “Ok. but why is it only 4 items per stack?”. Answer is:

Belt expander!

It will work like backpack expander and whole belt will look like that:

New system allows you to handle 12 consumabile items in 3 stacks

You can grab in raid whatever you want: 12 HP pots, or 8 HP and 4 MP, or 4 speedweed, 4 lucky clovers and 4 holy water etc…

What whole system gives?

  • New ways to plan your rushing and raiding tactics.
  • Grinding special consumables or buying them from other players will refresh whole game economic
  • Low lvl players now can be more effective and be a source of consumables from low lvl dungeons and allows to them to start first trading steps

There are now no limits of skilled use of this…

Part 2.

Next step is rebalance of all temporary booster consumables

We doesn’t need all consumables to be stacked

Only that who gives boosts to stats and different effects

For example

  • Significantly increase time duration of for more consistent efficiency

  • 45 seconds for gums ,1 min for tinctures (IDK it’s just example)

  • Add alternatives for Limited edition consumables

  • It is great idea with long time boosts like Christmas Stat Boosters

  • Add alternatives for Santa’s Reins Companions, but for once use

  • I remember there were boosters, when you use it they gives stats increase until you change location. Add them

  • Add more consumables that give effects? (berserk, damaging, armored)

  • MB some drinks from WC will gives: (IDK it’s just example)

  • Battle Frenzy = berserk + unstable

  • Iron Made = armored + slow + sick

  • Drunk Master = damaging + confused

etc. (this idea will be explained more in next part)

Part 3.

Final step: Consumable side effects system

All booster consumables will separated for types:

  1. MInor

     This type will gives small and short timed boost without any side effects

You can use it infinite amount and it just restore effects

(examples: Speedweed, Royal Jelly)

  1. Mixed

This type will gives more and better boosts, but with small side effects

You can use it infinite amount and it will stack effects

(examples: Fairy Dust, Ghost Pirate Rom)

  1. Hard

This type will gives great boosts, but with hard side effects

Additionally you must controle not to stack them in use, coz positive effects will not be restored, but negative will sums

(examples: different WC drinks, some new consumables)

  1. lethal

Most powerful and dangerous boosters

To prevent become OnePunchMan you can’t use it with other type in same group

Example: you can’t stack and use different Effusions or new consumables coz they will conflict with each other and have overdosed side effect that will anulate all positive effects and adds negative (2 buffs for speed will gives nerf for speed, speed

buff with def buff will gives nerf of both). Not conflict, if different players will use on of it

Lethal boosters with different status effects will gives crazy combinations of random side effects (random negative status effects) and will gives more and harder negative status effect if you will use more different lethal boosters

Example: you use Blood Stimpack (my new idea for consumables) that gives 5 mins of 30 vitality boost and 20 secs of healing status effects, but if you use another stim with first (Astral Stimpack that boosts 30 wisdom for 5 min and Energized for 20 secs) you will annulate all positive effects and receive sickness and quite for 20 secs and if you use another stim (Ironskin Stimpack that boosts 15 defence for 5 min and armored for 10 secs) you will double negative effects timer and additionally receive cursed for same amount of time and blinded. Holy Water will save you from that, but you will waste your stims

Combining different types of booster consumable is allowed like:

Minor with all types

Mixed can’t with Lethal (causes anulating all boosters and gives Blind, Sickness, Drunk and Weak for 15 secs

Hard can’t with Lethal (causes anulating all boosters and gives -20 for VIT and WIS,-15 for SPD and DEX, - 10 for ATT and DEF, gives Darkness, Slow, Sickness, Bleeding, Drunk, Stun and Quiet for 30 sec

Holly Molly! Or Holy Water?..

Part 4.

Time for new consumables

I think imagination can produce many and many combination for all types

This is my concept idea:


It’s like Christmas Stat Boosters, but unlimited and have side effects

Type : Lethal

Very rare drop from Mad Lab boss and extremely rare from removed tables, need to bring it back (chance like deca from fungal crystals), from Nest t-room boss and mb from new Thech Horror dungeon?

Blood Stimpack (red one)

    +30 VIT for 300 sec

    Healing on self for 20 sec

Astral Stimpack (blue one)

    +30 WIS for 300 sec

Energized on self for 20 sec

Wind Stimpack (green one)

    +20 SPD for 300 sec

    Speedy on self for 15 sec

Fire Stimpack (orange one)

    +20 dex for 300 sec

    Berserk on self for 15 sec

Wrath Stimpack (purple one)

+15 att for 300 sec

Damaging on self for 10 sec

Rock Stimpack (black one)

    +15 def for 300 sec

    Armored on self for 10 sec

Starstorm Stimpack (yellow one)

+150 mp for 300 sec

Restores 200 MP

Inspired on self for 15 sec

Bless Stimpack (lightblue one)

    +200 Hp for 300 sec

    Restores 300 HP

    Invulnerable on self for 5 sec


I like the idea of the customizable belt consumables, but im not sure about the rest of it.


Poll I made, consumes need buff



I’ll only agree with the idea if you rename the belt expander to a Fanny Pack.


In my opinion the only reason said consumables aren’t used often is because they’re just too inconvenient to get consistently. For example, snake oil is literally a group wide HP pot but you have to clear snakes for them, and the effect isn’t that useful unless you grab several, which uses several inventory slots.

Also, some consumables just aren’t that useful? For example the LoD one can be great, but it’s not consistent. The effects can either already be applies by a member of your group (I suppose it shines in solo play then? not really) or doesn’t assist you particularly when you most need it. There should probably be more items like the gumballs, dropped in more dungeons. Items that don’t only affect HP and MP, found more frequently :upside_down_face: perhaps godlands dungeons could get some relating to the potion they drop.

I fully support the consumable slots, great idea, though we’d need a new hotkey for the third slot.


No it’s because thirsty exists.


You can drop and use them silly


I’m not stopping and standing still in nest or something while I’m tryna dodge for a mediocre 15 sec boost


I agree with Twitchystr, here. I would definitely use consumables more often if thirsty wasn’t a thing. Dropping and using is very cumbersome, and never has made any sense. I look forward to never having to jump through that hoop again!


yay now thirsty isn’t a thing so consumables might be used!