Cool looking sets


I was bored so I started messing around on haizor and made 10 pretty cool looking sets that are actually decent. Tell me your opinions on them.

I tried to not use items that were in the same set, or dropped from the same dungeon

Note: I know that I put T1 rings on the priest and knight, but those were really the only rings that I thought fit with the set

Second Note: What a coincidence, priest and knight are also my least favorite classes


All the sets are decent with the exception of wizzy trix priest and knight. Pallys looking hawt, so is bard, mystic, and ninja



gawd damn is that priest sexy


image image image image

Sets have never been this good since.


Is that the new hide quiver and armor of quiver?? ¿-¿



This is one I have on my priest it’s pretty hot




BEHOLD! THE GLORY OF A GOD ABOVE ALL OTHERS! Also behold the glory of 6 sets that I made to complete the set of awesome looking sets.

@Flos I beat your samurai but not really though because mine doesn’t actually look that good :sob:
My favorite is honestly probably the wizard, but it would be the necro if I had found a better staff for it. Warrior I don’t think looks very good but also pirate hook

Edit: NOOOOOOOO I accidentally deleted my amazingly sexy pogmur assassin gimme a sec
also just realized i did wizzy twice

there we go crisis averted


Thats all I got lol


That ninja is sick for sure… the bard too


Wow the lower warrior would have some nice dps
I really like the top assassin, but the dagger probably won’t realistically be very good with the set unless you have a lot of draconis potions.


some dps-centric wizzys


broken spire spell looks like a tshirt


Or a helm


Ngl this looks sick


I’ve been tryna find a cool wizard set that meets some dps reqs, but not much luck so far…


grind lh for t13 staff and potato/omni
i know u have para spell and water silk (although anointed is ez to get too)


This was the set I had on my archer


Anointed + cult staff go well together, especially with a crown, so cult staff + anointed + para spell+ crown would look noice, just I need to get every one of those items ‘cept para spell