Cool looking sets


oof checked ur graveyard


I made the mistake of standing still in an ice tomb, on a pub run, assuming that the 3 bosses on aether would be stunned.


omg it’s Lunafreya :heart_eyes:


Twitchy has a CRUSH??!!


I’m more of a fan of this one.
Plus you can reduce enemy DEF to -20 by yourself (especially useful in cnidarian reef solo, I speak from experience).


OMG is that Twitchy? :heart::heart:


Wait is there another kind of wizzy?


I’m a huge sucker for good looking sets that still perform well enough.


“Your set burns my eyes” Hope that’s a compliment o wo

Jokes aside, I saw a ninja with this set a few days ago. Quite fitting, leviathan might’ve been a bit too light-coloured, but still sort of fits within the same colour palette


I’m pretty sure nil is the standard hide for that set


Does this set qualify? Couldn’t find T5 Prism just yet


the true dps centric wizzy


ah yes this is sexy




… which one? are you criticizing my dps, or the sexiness of the sorc? either way, :fu:


colours don’t match


These aren’t very good looking sets, but I was looking for the highest ability dps, and some of the sets that I thought were good were actually worse than T0

negative DPS go brrrrrrrrrrrrr


Why’d u use wisdom for wizard I don’t think that affects spell damage
Edit: and negative dps in that setting means that much less damage compared to the other one


It means sustainable ability dps, so extra mana does nothing for dps
I don’t really get what you are saying with the edit. I don’t think that it would say its negative if the dps is really bad


What the negative means is that it has that much less dps then the other set. I am 62% sure that’s what it means