Could I get my posts deleted?


I would greatly appreciate it!


If you click the three dots under the post and then click the trash can icon, you can delete your posts (it will take about a day before it actually deletes).


It says “ You don’t have permission to delete this topic. If you really want it to be deleted, submit a flag for moderator attention together with reasoning.” I’m not sure how to submit a flag so I posted it here


Were you trying to delete the first post of this thread? If so, that won’t work; you will indeed need a moderator to help close threads. You should be able to delete any other posts, though (such as your most recent one in this thread).


I prefer not to remove entire threads, because that removes along with it everyone else’s posts within the thread, which you don’t own. imo removing threads should only be reserved for highly inappropriate and/or forum rulebreaking content (like one of the previously removed threads I found in your history when I was wondering why you’d want such a thing in the first place).

going through your entire post history and deleting all of your messages is a lot of work too, which I don’t think is worth it just because you’re embarrassed about your past when actually doing that draws attention to the past you’re trying to cover up in the first place. someone already tried that once, and predictably all it did was get the attention of the people they were already hiding from. it doesn’t work. a better method of coping with an ugly past self is to just move on and be a better person now. I used to a horrifically toxic and unpleasant person several years ago, but no one brings that up against me because it’s so plainly obvious I’ve moved on from that.

for the record, 5 years into using this forum and I genuinely never knew the system told users to send flags to us if they wanted their posts deleted. I don’t like that system at all, especially because flags don’t let you include your reasoning like the system message suggests it does. I have no idea how to change that atm, but I’d suggest as proper solution to message myself or shatter on realmeye. …but since I don’t play rotmg anymore and couldn’t be paid to either, I’d actually just suggest messaging shatter since that’s more likely to get noticed. he doesn’t know I’m saying this though. sorry shatter!


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