Crown needs a buff


Deca, How is bracer getting buffed for the shatters difficulty spike and crown isn’t?. I actually can’t think of 1 reason crown would be better than bracer/coro. To get crown you need complete an entire shatters, while bracer (Which is better) you need to complete 1st. If we are all honest with ourselves, we all value defensive stats over offensive ones. That is why deca is the most expensive ring and the common currency. Down below i will compare and contrast the stat differentials of divine coronation, and crown.

Corro +5 def + 55MP
Crown + 4 Dps stats

55 mp alone almost completely trounces the measley 4 dps stat bonus you a getting compared to crown seeing as mp can be used as a offensive OR defensive stat, depending on what ability you are using. The 5 def is an extremely powerful bonus ,not to mention the already established hierarchy of defensive stats.


Crown is the best DPS ring in the game, and doesn’t need ANY sort of buff. And who is this ‘we all value defensive stats over offensive ones’ you speak of, hmm??? Not every player uses Exalted God’s Horn or Coronation. There are plenty of players that use Crown, or even Magical Lodestone. UT rings are made to serve specific builds & playstyles. For those who wants max DPS, Crown & Lodestone exist. For those who want a more balanced mix of DPS & survivability, we have Coronation, Bracer, Omni & Horn. YOU may not think Crown is better than Coronation, but clearly, you haven’t asked other players what they think is the best ring.


MP is utterly useless if you aren’t spamming your ability, though. Most buff classes don’t need to do so, status-inflicting classes maybe need it, and damage classes are probably too busy consistently spamming their ability over being able to maybe use it one more time.
It just isn’t worth it to speck into MP so much when the regen is so high with pets’ Magic Heal.

Besides that, Crown is still used aplenty. In a setting that’s been over-optimized, I don’t think the items that are already being used need any form of buffs.


it just needs slight uplift, not real-value buff. I would make it 140/7/7, or 140/8/8 if the BP would be removed.


you’ve fallen victim to the DPS addiction


why does everything always need a buff, what about nerfing everything else


because “If My BoSs DoEsN’t DiE iN tWo PiCoSeCoNdS tHe GaMe Is BrOkEn”


Pretty much all endgame items TBH.


I Never once said that it needs a “DPS buff”. In fact, the point i was making was that coronation is almost as good dps with the same health and free def and mp


When i said “We all value defensive stats over offensive ones” I should have said “Most players value defensive stats over offensive stats”. This is very cleary shown by deca being the most expensive tradeable ring. The reason it is so expensive is because it has the highest demand. If this weren’t true, why is ubatt/ubdex a 1/16th of the price as a deca at best? Most classes in the game have a ability that can deal dps, considering there are many ut ability swapouts that deal damage E.G Tome of pain, ghostly prism, void quiver. This is the reason the mp from coronation/bracer is also a dps stat if you use a dps build. The diffrence in dps between coronation and crown is ridiculously minimal and doesn’t justify the massive loss in other stats.


I know my first reply was just a joke, but I’m gonna actually try and contribute to the discussion now.

While yes, some people prefer survivability over damage, most active players nowadays play in discord raids. In those raids, DPS items are the most important, as they are key mechanics in endgame dungeons, such as Voids or Oryxs’ Sanctuaries. If the group can DPS down the boss before you can tank damage, then why prioritize tankiness?

You are right in partial regard, however, as @Seelpit said, some classes don’t benefit as much from MP increase, examples such as the Warrior or Paladin, which give buffs. Since their buffs last for a while and aren’t just a short burst of an effect, they can regenerate their MP before they need to use their ability again, especially with pets.

Like you did mention, some people prefer defensive stats. Ironically, this usually excludes DEF, since the base 25 DEF most classes have, along with the decent amount of DEF the armors already give, are serviceable. DEF has diminish returns, as you need more and more DEF to take less damage from a shot. There’s even a point where more DEF doesn’t lessen the amount of damage. You said:

The reason the Ring of Decades (or Forgotten Ring if you’re different) is valued is because it specifically gives a lot of HP, not because it gives defensive stats in general. In contrast to DEF, HP has no decline, so more of it is never bad. You also never mentioned the Ring of Unbound Defense, which sort of feels like you cherry picked your evidence, but I digress. Anyways, people choose the high HP ring over the high DEF ring because DEF has a decline in amount, while HP is just always good.

Let’s take this back to the actual question. Crown and Coro both give the same amount of HP, but Crown gives more DPS stats, while Coro gives more MP and DEF. MP is mostly negligible since pets are so powerful, along with the fact that some classes don’t benefit much from an MP increase. DEF can also be traded off since the base DEF for classes and DEF from normal tiered gear is considered fine. I didn’t address this part however, so I will now. Coro gives a high DEX increase, while Crown gives more of a balanced DPS boost, to both ATT and DEX. The reason Crown is considered possibly better in terms of DPS is because it’s more balanced. It has both DPS stats, and is therefore more applicable to classes in general. Meanwhile, Coro gives a DEX boost, which is more situational and only benefitted from low DEX classes. You’d only use a Coro on classes like Knight or Samurai, but you could use Crown on any class and it’d be considered a great option.

Lastly, why did you compare Divine Coronation to The Forgotten Crown instead of the Bracer of the Guardian? Feels weird for you to bring up one item against the original then compare a different item entirely. Some of these arguments are taken from other repliers here, I just wanted to present all the evidence for my argument against yours.


why arent you using coro if it’s so good?

You don’t even know the difference between a crown and a coro, you missed 2 dex, as coro has 8 and crown 6.

Please don’t talk if you do not have good arguments.


The point of arguments is to prove something, which includes proving other peoples’ arguments wrong. If there is a flaw in one person’s argument, another one will address it. The original poster may have a counter argument, and so on, and so forth, until the people arguing reach a resolution. That’s called a discussion, something of which should be encouraged, not stifled.


I have no argument, but consider this

which is more beneficial in endgame content: flat damage reduction + a marginal mp increase, or exponential increases to damage output + moderate hp increase. the answer is the latter, so crown doesn’t need buff :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

so how bout we buff omni instead ::face_with_monocle:


16 dps stats are you INSANE


Imo crown is completely outclassed - by pirate ring

+20 HP > +110
+2 Def > +0

As for the dps stats…
Who even needs dps anyways amiright


I sincerely hope you are shitting on purpose


I lumped dex and att into the same classification as “Dps stat” Because they serve the exact same purpose. On crown you are gaining 12 total dps stats. On coro you are gaining 8 total dps stats. The point i was arguing was that i believe that this wasn’t enough of a difference to justify the loss of defensive stats.


The stats i displayed on my original post were showing what you were gaining compared to the other ring. Thats why i didnt include the hp because both rings had it, therefore if you had coro on, and swapped to crown you wouldn’t lose any hp because they both had the same ammount.


what defensive stat? 5 def? the fuck is 5 def gonna do when a shot from o3 does 300 damage anyways