Crown needs a buff


5 def is a solid ammount for a ring that doesn’t sacrifice offensive stats. Saying that 5 def doesn’t make a difference is just neglectful of 90 percent of the game. not better for high end dungeons, but very useful for the rest of the game. also, the mp can be used as a defensive stat when playing a class such as bard or priest.


I completely agree.


is this a joke post?


Problems with your analysis

  1. 4 dps stats is “measley”: 4 dps stats, on paper, does in fact seem quite miniature. HOWEVER, you have to realize that 4 dps is in fact a 50% buff over coronations 8 dps stats and leaves crown as the highest dps ring in the game only matched by potato (lodestone). In endgame, every dps matters and 4 stats adds up through the hundreds of hit done throughout a long and painful boss fight. You have to realize that the difference between a DECA and a UBHP is 10 health yet a DECA costs twice as much. A small amount of useful stats has a lot of value!
  2. Defensive Stats > Offensive Stats: I understand where this assumption comes from. UBHP is by far the most expensive of the UB rings, considerably outpricing the rings like UBATK and UBDEX. However, there are two crucial points you did not consider. #1 Although UBHP is incredibly expensive, other defensive stat rings such as UBDEF and UBSPD have no value. The reason is that although people value HP, they don’t value the other defensive stats nearly as much. #2. Many people buying rings off the market (such as the ubhp) don’t have access to late game rings and are choosing to go with ubhp in order to survive late game dungeons. However, with experience, the hp is no longer as neccessary all the time! Additionally, I feel like UBHP’s prices are rather artificial and are more often bought by newer players simply as currency with no plan of actual use
  3. Def is more Defensive the Attack: It seems stupid to say this is false but it is. It is true that we value survival in a permadeath game. In endgame, one small mistake can kill you. The longer the fights last, the more oppurtunities there are to die. Although putting on good sets for high req discord runs sometimes feels like too much, there’s a reason people do high req discord runs. High dps = shorter boss fight = less room to make mistakes = higher change to walk out alive. Most deaths in endgame are not due to slow chip (outside of specific phases like patience) but instead due to instakills (not neccessairly actually instant but massive drops of health in a very short period of time). For that reason, although hp is valued (increase chance of survivaing an instakill), def is considered worse than just pure dps.

Also you severely overvalue mp in endgame. Let’s be honest. Pets make amount of mp you have pretty much not matter. In a few classes, it does matter and in those cases, Coro can be better then crown. But most of the time, screw 55 mp. 4 dps stats is a lost more


Buff ep too while you’re at it


DECA listened I guess



hilarious post



Ngl even with the buff, it’s still worse than pirate ring



the crown is one of the best rings in the entire game, it is the best overall DPS ring and with how deca made the forge system it is extremely easy to get, patience can be cheesed with holy waters, if you want a direct upgrade from crown try the new shatters and good luck…


Do you mean Shatter’s hardmode?


no they mean the version of shatters where the king overdosed on lean, his ex-wife came back, the archmage got a new pet, and a ghost possessed the idol


GG Chrysalis got released, we can drop this post.


yes i ment hard mode shatters for the blue crown for direct upgrade




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