Crown of Valor


Crown of Valor

Crown of Valor

One of the most powerful relics in all of existence. The mad god refuses to allow any mortal to wear it, but I guess that doesn’t matter now, does it?

What should/would this be used as?

  • Month of the Mad God Reskin
  • Individual Item Drop

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I mean i think it’s a really nice idea. But personally i don’t think this would fit for a reskin to the omnipotence ring :slight_smile: Maybe another ring or something :slight_smile: Nice sprite! :slight_smile:


OR maybe we could use this awesome sprite for another high-level item that could be added to the game?


That sounds like a neato idea, but where would it even drop?


I could add this as a drop from the dungeon I’m working on if you don’t have anywhere better to put it.


well i gotta see it first don’t i


The dungeon itself isn’t even close to release, but I plan on making a giant thread for the items I plan on having it drop soon.

I’ll probably also include a ‘help needed’ to the end of the thread cause I suck at spriting.


Well, send me a PM over RealmEye if you want any help. Don’t want to derail this any more than it has already. xd


I can send you google doc after the first 3 bosses are done (first boss is still in production) and you can help balance/criticize anything you want to.

Anyway, the sprite looks amazing, but I don’t think it should be used as a reskin.


Poll added to post.



Definitely should be a crown reskin


What makes you say that? There’s already a Crown reskin.


I know, but there can be more than 1 reskin


Usually an item only has one reskin, unless it’s tiered.


Also, thanks.


Jugg reskin easy


There is already a jugg reskin, reskinned and nerfed.


yeah but like
why not have another reskin kek


hivemaster reskin? Instead of bees it spawns little flames


It would be a sexy helm, not a ring


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