Crystal Bonus Rewards [Sep 6th to Sep 28th]


Copied from most of the below Reddit post by Deca:

For the Lod event part of this Reddit topic, see: Lair of Draconis Weekend Event [Sep 6th to Sep 10th]


Ah, cool ! Awesome ! Wait… you need gold to unlock points ? DECAAAAAAAAA !



Also, who is going to pay 500$ for the tier 20 ? huh ?


Lets call spending 400€ on game event :D. I am done with this game.


i did it


was it worth it?


:white_check_mark: Congratulations, you have no life !


Day [some number of within the hundreds perhaps] where I will continue to state that “campaign” was a terrible, terrible choice of words. Even tacking on “bonus” to the front of it doesn’t cut the mustard.

The core issue is that “campaign” inherently implies, due to previous usage in the Unity Support Campaign and otherwise common usage within video games, that you’re expected to try to complete it in the game. This is absolutely contradictory to what this actually is, which is basically “you’ll get this stuff free if you spent x amount of gold!”; a bonus reward for spending money on the game, which generally only people who already spend money on the game, or people who are more incentivized to spend money on the game given they’ll get some free stuff with it during this period, will complete.

So basically every time one of these comes around, people interpret it as “new event for everyone!” or “ooh a campaign, that’s like the Unity Support Campaign, right?”. People promptly see the huge gold requirement to get the final tier (because once again, “campaign” implies you’re expected to try to complete it), plus the fact that only paying players can enjoy these bonus rewards, and they’re like “wait what the HECK”.
The solution is to not give these sorts of things the same term as the ones you can progress through F2P means, and to not use a term that implies one should try to complete all of it, to better advertise it as what it is: some bonus rewards for spending money during this time period.
First impressions are important, and these so far clearly aren’t giving a great first impression every time they appear, since I see the same “Deca what on earth are you doing why do I have to spend hundreds of dollars for this event” each time.


yeah i got a cool divine pet


I don’t really think u got that joke…


Haha i was just joking wym :confused:


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