Crystals of Fortune


Sorry been out of loop, does anyone know what happened to the crystals of fortune quests? I see the extreme crystals of fortune quests but not the regular ones. Kinda racist imo


Deca took them out a while ago. But they might add them back again.


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This is quoting from an official DECA update in 12/14/2021:

As for Crystals of Fortune, we are not getting rid of them just yet. During the Oryxmas event, when we have a box promotion in the shop involving older skins it will be accompanying quests that will last the same duration as the promotional box. This should allow you to exchange Crystals of Fortune for a Skin that is in the box. The amount of Crystals would again be dependent on the rank of the skin.

Something to keep in mind is that this may be the last time Crystals of Fortune will be used in this manner as we want to have Crystals of Extreme Fortune to become the only variant of Crystals that is used to exchange for skins. The future of Crystals of Fortune is currently on the table and while we do have an idea on how we want to transform their usefulness we are open to your feedback and ideas on this.

I suppose at absolute worst, I could feed my crystals, but I hope we’re able to offload them alternatively, somehow. I was waiting for another couple of skins to cycle through, and it never happened :disappointed_relieved:


JUST KEEP THEM AS THEY WERE WTF ? WHY DO WE NEED BUY THE RED CRYSTALS NOW INSTEAD? actually got scammed so hard lol. i literally only spun the box to get those blue crystals oh now we just dont feel like using those anymore. outplayed so fkn hard by deca games its actually crazy. Same thing with those ST skin shards or IDK if they added those back or not i havent played much in awhile but still

It’s worth some feed power though guys so it’s fine it’s not like everyone has a maxed pet / near maxed nowadays anyway or anything like that

i heard theyre gonna add some green crystals soon to randomly take their place and then theyll add some yellow crystals to take their place etc


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