Cursed Library Feedback Thread: Grab Your Library Cards!


Thanks for the quick response. I’m going to try to grind these. It just looks so cool!


Who let toastrz make another godlands dungeon? Didn’t deca learn from magic woods to never again give him that kind of power?


Oh my god, it’s Mr Eyeball! Thank you so much for including it… brings much warmth to my heart


Finally a beholder dungeon


Lod is ok, shaitans meh, the new dungeon pretty nice, except no whites? Thats the main thing right now :slight_smile:


Troom drops a seal and boss drops a tome (I think)


Does anyone know about ut drops yet?


idk if anyone already got this or not but here it is
ps. i think i got it from Hand of the Helpless, not sure about it


Gj on finding it

Stats don’t look too bad, if/when I make a samurai I’d like to have that waki.


Page was already made on it.


There are whites.



So I really like libraries. I’ve worked in archives and am currently writing this comment from a haunted one. Natural bias aside I really like this dungeon! The boss is really fun, and I heavily relate to the soulless student.

However, especially with some of the floor tiles, I feel it is slightly too redolent of the Manor - perhaps changing the colour of those carpets would do the trick? But not to blue 'cos then it would look like Davy’s. I understand that its sort of meant to look like the manor, what with the Ruthven stuff - but I think there’s probably a better way.

And I actually found the spicy meatball you have to fight at the end quite tedious with all the minions, but worth it for a glimpse of the Eye. I’m tentatively excited for the ‘lore’, but cautious that it might undermine some of the game’s old-world mystique if treated as strictly canonical. But I suppose books are seldom entirely reliable sources, so why should an eldritch intellect be far different? :3

I will possibly return with more specific critiques once I’ve run it a few more times, but so far my impression is positive c:

[edit] I return! So far I have encountered a lot of poltergeists spawning, and they aren’t the most exciting to fight… not sure what should be done there short of adding another poltergeist-style combattant to occasionally replace them? Also, wasn’t Avalon that mythical Arthurian realm where heroes go after death? Or was that Abalon? I think I vaguely recall it from the Morte d’Arthur. Either way it is an odd name, sounds pretty cool though.

Also I really can’t help but feel that the boss’s star-trail attack should inflict quiet. There’s not enough quiet for a library! Furthermore there shouldn’t be any confuse - I think the hand inflicts it - because this needs to be as far removed from manor as possible, and confuse is irritating enough as is.


Another dagger we definitely needed another one of those



Lmao got it on my 3rd library

Stats for the curious:


Thanks so much for all the feedback so far! I’ll try to respond to as much as possible later, but for now, feel free to check out this little behind the scenes video demonstrating a scrapped mechanic!


One of these better be “Hail Mr. Eyeball” or “I have sacrificed my first born”


Do you have any idea as to what he would respond with?


“You are now officially a regular”