Cursed Library Feedback Thread: Grab Your Library Cards!


You only wish I was joking
pic stolen from @Shatter


I like it. Not too challenging, but challenging enough to make it fun.


Looks like fun from a gameplay point of view, but rather clusterfucky to the eye. By which I mean: the sprites of all those mobs seem super random. Maybe that aspect could be streamlined a bit, to get something thematically (more) consistent?


could someone start a list of all the Realm Eye prompts and lets try and collect them all


The first boss was very fun, the wall-like shots were really cool to dodge, and having the pressure plates show up after the boss is killed is very nice.

However, this dungeon feels like it will be one where one person who rushes while everyone else sits at spawn, so maybe the enlightened beholder could have a chance to drop the white bags to incentivize clearing

EDIT: the troom boss was really intense and fun, but maybe make the minions unstasisable to prevent trolling


One of my guildies broke a single block of wall in a specific room and found a picture of the honey scepter. My guild founder and I hunted down a honey scepter to see if it would reveal any secrets, but it didn’t do anything as he fired it around the room and directly on the wall. Wonder what it could signify…


I’ve already got an entire transcript of his Oryx story.


Directly on the wall as in the miss animation played or directly on the wall as in it hit the wall like it hits normal enemies?


@Toastrz 's favorite weapon is the Honey Sceptor iirc.


Hits the wall like normal enemies. Basically, like the bookcases in Manor


Well then there should be an infected assassin plaguing a wall somewhere.

C’mon @Toastrz

It’s everyone’s favorite skin


So is the troom boss supposed to rush you or is supposed to circle the middle with its fairly dense shot pattern? I had been fine for most of my runs but that almost popped me. Overall the troom seems way overtuned compared to the rest of the dungeon. The sick makes it more like a parasite dungeon fight, except you have a smaller area. So certainly not difficult to learn, but seeing as this is designed to be a glands dungeon that just seems very weird that parasite chambers is the best comparison I can make. The rest of the dungeon is fine.


Pursuit of happiness has to be my favorite movie :grinning:



is there a way to skip this to get the exit portal?


just say something like ragetalon dagger


there is a bug where if you are cloaked in troom his minions go in and out of invulnerability


not sure if that’s a bug because it happens in shatters too if you’re cloaked


This dungeon is pretty Hand%20(10)-rendered-20181212-132034


The one who designed the characters and the backstory is very talented :open_mouth:


I really like the dungeon. However the boss could use a buff or two. He doesn’t seem to dish out a whole lot of damage and the status effects he uses are annoying not really dangerous. I feel that the books he uses could use a damage buff (maybe armor piercing too?) and maybe also something like sickness/pet stasis to make them more dangerous and more worthwhile to dodge. Right now dodging the book waves feels optional which I don’t think is the intention of the fight. His trail of stars could also use a damage buff. I have also found a discrepancy? maybe in the lore the eye gives. When asked about dreadstump the eye says The hermit god was created to protect oryx’s liquor from dreadstump. While when asked about thessal it says that the hermit god was created by both oryx and thessal to stop ships from sailing.