Cursed Library Feedback Thread: Grab Your Library Cards!


Dreadstump is a pirate, who sails pirate ships, so stopping pirate ships from sailing would be coherent(that’s not the word I want). Though pirate ships is not as general as ships.


It seems pretty good. From the looks of things, it isn’t too hard to rush, though. I don’t know if this is because we have almost max def/speed or because the enemies aren’t too dangerous. The first boss isn’t too dangerous, but it’s a pretty fun fight and the loot it drops matches with its difficulty. The treasure room fight is fairly challenging but short, but I feel like the loot is slightly too good. A wisdom, 2 vitality and an attack potion is a lot for a dungeon that takes the same time as an abyss of demons, which only gives you 1 vitality and maybe a defense.



Over my dead body.


Is the middle finger sprite actually used in the dungeon


I’m loving the new much needed bits of lore that was lacking from realm. Great dungeon overall, although the beholders seem aesthetically out of place.



Why Avalon? It isn’t a common birth name, did you name it after the Arthurian legend because of the similar time period?


It’s actually a reference to a different game (as the internal projectile names further hint towards), though it’s very likely that the source itself was named after the legendary island.

Also I just thought “Avalon the Archivist” was a cool sounding name, I like the alliteration.


dont beholders drop attack?




I have the drunk ignore that


Omg! Real Pistoncow!


Is testing still going? If so how do I get on the testing server?


some of the realm eye text is too long and it goes into the side of the side UI and u cant see it


pretty neat


So the crystal prisoner is a women and she was going to marry the forgotten king, I did a lot of the texts, but this one confuses me the most


Use these links here to access the testing servers


Dappertron in particular contributed greatly to the Realm Eye’s lore, being responsible for all of the tiered weapon prompts while I handled the dungeon and boss prompts.

Ideally, I’ll get all abilities, armor, accessories, and untiered weapons in as well, and I will fight you if it doesn’t happen.
Consumables get a hard, definitive maybe.


Please check out this outstanding fan art of the dungeon by Saturnfiftyone!

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will the ST items get prompts?


What about the one thing everyone cares about: Pet Eggs!