Cursed Library Final Easter Eggs Contest


Cursed Library Final Easter Eggs Contest

So, as the tell all thread (Cursed Library secrets) by
@Pentaract reveals, there are still a few missing easter eggs in the Cursed Library, three to be precise. As @Toastrz states:

So, I thought, why not host a contest to gather as many people as possible to see if we can find those last remaining easter eggs?


  • Post your theories alongside a screenshot of what you believe is the missing easter egg in this thread.
  • Hopefully, @Toastrz could help confirm whether or not your theory is correct


Easter Egg 1 and 2: 8 decas each + 10 ‘Spot the Reference’ thread leaderboard points
Hardest, most obscure easter egg: 32 decas. + 25 ‘Spot the Reference’ thread leaderboard points.


@Ezie with the discovery of the first easter egg: Lyrics to Ocean Man hidden in the xml files for the Cursed Library

Spot the Reference
What if there were items so rare nobody has ever gotten them?

Alright so, dont know if this actually means anything… but the lyrics to ocean man are in the games code. specifically Ocean Man Take Me By The Hand Lead Me To The Land That You Understand Ocean Man The Voyage To The Corner Of The Globe Is A Real Trip. Idk what it means, or maybe this is the small easter egg itself. Either way, cool find i havent seen anyone else mention before

There are some screenshots taken directly from the static.drips files, there are some more lines but you’ll have to look for yourself!

Spot the Reference

@Toastrz Can you confirm or deny if this is one of the 3 missing easter eggs?


I consider that one, yeah.


Congrats @Ezie on the discovery of the first missing Easter Egg. I will contact you regarding your prize.


I dunno if this counts, it’s via insider information, but the first letter of every line of the Emeraldshard Dagger prompt spell out “D Y S”.
This references Dystratix, a guildmate of Toastrz, whose favourite item is the emmy.


I don’t doubt that is the obscure one, unless the obscure one is crazy hidden


@toastrz holy shit


lowkey think that’s the obscure one.


I really doubt this is one but on one of the sprite sheets there is a toastrz pet skin referencing toastrz.


@Toastrz can u confirm these two?


Isn’t that because during testing there was a toastrz entity with that sprite saying to leave feedback or whatever?


The one Seelpit mentioned is one I don’t count. There’s several but the only people who would realistically get them without being explicitly told are the people they’re for, so it’s more of a very slight inside joke.

The toaster in the sheet doesn’t count either since that’s really just a leftover from public testing.


Just wondering has this ever happened to you guys maybe a lil easter egg 49%20AM


(There’s also one with a middle finger out!)
Also, dang, my forum star updated…


Yeah lol I used that one in the other thread. I like those two sprites.

Wow now that’s what I call not being a whitestar anymore. Sheesh, some people


Just a question for the experienced people, why do some items have two id’s
While others only have one id


I feel like that might just be a fun reference. The necronomicon is a pretty famous book and the Tome of Forbidden Knowledge kinda plays into it.


Also wow! Never knew they put me in the Cursed Library as an easter egg

Edit: in actuality though, I might have found something possibly interesting

The deholder has a projectile called “HyPEr rEalIsTIC BLoOd”

There is a creepy/troll pasta called Hyper realistic that goes like this:
One hyper-realistic morning, I opened my hyper-realistic eyes, only to find that my hyper-realistic sheets had been torn off my hyper-realistic bed and strewn about my hyper-realistic room. I decided, with my hyper-realistic brain, to jump out of my hyper-realistic bed to find the cause of this, only to notice that, when my hyper-realistic feet touched the hyper-realistic carpet, it was damp.

Looking down with my hyper-realistic eyes, I saw that it was covered in hyper-realistic blood. I opened my hyper-realistic mouth to scream, but hyper-realistic blood started to pour out, and my hyper-realistic eyes became filled with hyper-realistic blood-tears. Due to a massive loss of hyper-realistic blood, I died, and then a hyper-realistic skeleton popped out.

link to source:

I feel like some things here might link to the deholder, like the blood pouring out of the eyes and blood-tears. Or this could just be completely unrelated lol.

Edit2: Adding onto that, I’ve also been looking at descriptions for monsters and for the deholder it says:

In the xml there are columns with the model of Candy Col Whole:

I feel like this is a rather odd model name considering the candy part. Col could simply be for column, since these are describing pillars, and whole could just be a model adjective, but candy sticks out to me for one reason or another.


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