Cursed Library Final Easter Eggs Contest


This definitely isn’t one, and if it is I didn’t discover it, but I just watched a hyeperion vid and a while ago saying golden dagger to the RealmEye disconnected everyone. Ain’t sure if it still does, but ima try it


nope, they patched that a while ago.


Ok cool


I’m sure these aren’t any, but I just skimmed all the RealmEye responses and these ones were the most interesting:
image image
I just thought it was cool to see about Ruthven and lag and the response references some enemies, but these were already discovered bc they are on realmeye


yes ?


Sorry didn’t see you already posted it xd


this is an interesting post. Note I did not find this easter egg, i just saw the guy’s post. This easter egg has probably already been posted by someone and i just missed it so sorry ahead of time if you already found this one


already found

think of something that is so subtle, and insultingly obscure that no one found it after 1 year


Ah, so its Lord Ruthven who kills all or my characters. Interesting.


Lol time to do a few manors I guess :joy:


If someone can make me a text file of all the enemies in realm, I’ll go through them all one by one


Definitely not it, but I’ve never seen this tile before

Also keeping a tally of minor discoveries:

  • The hand guy doesn’t transition phases naturally, only when losing health (I’ve only done it twice, but he seems to go from scissors to paper to rock, backwards)
  • If you sit in 2nd without shooting, the boss won’t attack, but the room itself will curse you
  • When the lips of the lost shout “Tertiary” and explode, it’s a reference to Homestar Runner (google "Cardgage Curse; there’s a 7 second curse effect in the xml named that)


  • Waiting a long time between killing Avalon and opening secret
  • Waiting a long time between opening secret and shooting phantom
  • Waiting a long time between shooting phantom and defeating phantom
  • Using a Holy Water on phantom
  • Using a Holy Water on Realm Eye
  • Waiting a long time to ask Realm Eye question
  • Repeatedly telling Realm Eye “oryx” and then “no”

Will test these all eventually

This corner has no shadow
I’m going insane


@Toastrz is this a easter egg? 30%20AM
Its Dusty Magus from wild shadow era.
(side note was supposed to be the boss instead avalon? )



No and no. I just used it as an early placeholder sprite for fun.


Noticed that there is always two lines of 3 chandeliers with 1, 2, and 3 candles respectively in this room. I THINK the candles in other rooms are randomized so it might mean something idk


Pretty sure that tile is just to show that it opens into the Corruption boss


I’m thinking there may be a pattern with the books on the ground and books on the walls, maybe a shelf opens

Maybe I’m just seeing things

Also this seems like a pressed button, maybe a glitch

number of candles or carpet color could be relevant too

Maybe since the red flame has a chamber behind it, one of the blue ones does too? Red and blue are really prominent in the dungeon, vit and wis too IDk

Maybe the pillar things do smth

really hope this doesn’t involve certain items or skins or smth

Maybe try counting all the candles and saying the number to the realmeye?


Maybe this opens? The odd tile connection is common in the maze
I’ll check the book the eye leaves too


i t ’ s a r e f e r e n c e n o t a s e c r e t


Nah it’s a “secret” according to the context of the post where Toast mentioned it

Fair game for crackhead theorycrafting