Cursed Library Final Easter Eggs Contest




@Toastrz Mini Jugg?


at this point there’s no way the answer will be something anyone finds particularly satisfying. I imagine the universal reaction to hearing it will be “bruh are you serious that’s fucking weak”


Let the man have his secrets, I say. Other game devs often have their own personal jokes and references even in some popular games, so why not let a few slip away here? They’re probably only really meaningful to the creators themselves, so unless they wish to impart, let it be, methinks.


I disagree. They’re meaningful to everyone who’s in on the joke, namely the creator and those who found the easter egg.

I chuckle everytime I come across the one and only scepter in any way, shape or form. And theres quite a few of em. So I might be biased hehe :drooling_face:


I know this is a late question bt how did you get so many decas?


Bump in case anyone has found the answer to this recently

I literally came back to the forum because this popped up in my head and it’s driving me insane


might wanna increase those prize pools tbh, deca inflation and all



Toastrz ABBA enjoyer? Don’t see any other of the hex codes for objects in all caps.


Cards on the table, I had actually completely forgotten about this. It was definitely intentional on my part, but now when I double checked the actual file, I found this.


So then you really sent me down a rabbit hole to figure out why I put that there.


So while this isn’t part of the original count I gave about remaining secrets, I appreciate the reason to dig up some old memories!


This is breaching new ground!


Toastrz is gone from DECA.

image image image
btw I sent the mystery to Oddheader so maybe we have a chance :eyes:


I’ve found a cursed Library where the maze has purple mats instead of red (but idk if i just havent been paying attention)

I also noticed in the xml posted had an id 0xABBA . ABBA is a band and no other ids i saw were capitalized like that.

If anyone goes and does the calculator thing, try entering these into it for 0xABBA. Worth a shot?
the decimal: 43692
the octal: 125672
the binary: 1010101110111010
square root (highly unlikely lol): 209.67117112278


ABBA was already found.


Oh my bad! probably irrelevant to the other easter eggs based on Toastrz’ response anyways


New prize added: Toastrz’ Eternal respect.

Good luck!


Not entirely sure if this still applies but,

from: Cursed Library Feedback Thread: Grab Your Library Cards!
obvious reference to scooby doo

idk how relevant this is as its from testing and not on wiki




We need to bring scooby in the library and let him sniff the books