Cursed Library Final Easter Eggs Contest




@Toastrz Mini Jugg?


at this point there’s no way the answer will be something anyone finds particularly satisfying. I imagine the universal reaction to hearing it will be “bruh are you serious that’s fucking weak”


Let the man have his secrets, I say. Other game devs often have their own personal jokes and references even in some popular games, so why not let a few slip away here? They’re probably only really meaningful to the creators themselves, so unless they wish to impart, let it be, methinks.


I disagree. They’re meaningful to everyone who’s in on the joke, namely the creator and those who found the easter egg.

I chuckle everytime I come across the one and only scepter in any way, shape or form. And theres quite a few of em. So I might be biased hehe :drooling_face:


I know this is a late question bt how did you get so many decas?