Cursed Library: Item Sprite Feedback


With the recent start of public testing of the Cursed Library, I was interested in gathering some feedback on some of the sprites I created for the new UTs (with the exception of the seal, Piggby made the original and I just adjusted the shading a bit).
The items featured from left to right are the dagger, waki, seal, and tome. The sprites below the dagger and waki are just their respective projectiles.
Feel free to give feedback on the sprites and what you think could be improved about them.
Just a reminder, this is a thread for feedback on the sprites for the UTs and their projectiles, if you want to give feedback on their functionality, refer to this thread.
Here are some unused drafts of the seal, dagger, and tome.


Not a fan of the dagger. It looks too much like the case of a waki. Of course, I’m sure you heard that comment a lot already.
The waki just looks like a plain waki, so I guess that’s fine-ish. It’d be nice if there’s some more to it.
Seal and Necronomicon are fine imo.


I’ll see what I can do about the dagger looking like a waki, any specific suggestions you have in mind?


Not at the moment. However, I could if I knew what it’s supposed to be (like why the enemy drops it, what relation it has to the enemy, etc).


Took a shot at another draft for the dagger
Here is the boss it is based off of.


Oh. That looks better. Maybe try making the lighter bits extend to the side more? The contrast of the blade is why it looks so much like a wakizashi.


Really love the tome, definitely my favorite. Looks like a skull chomping down on it great job!
The seal is really awesome as well, great shading.
The wakizashi pleases my eye, I like looking at it.
The dagger I don’t like as much as the others, looks a bit like a bloody tooth.


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