Cursed Sprites




well yes, but actually, no


Downside Up Swords

Shortish Sword T0-

Real Long Sword T0+

Overlong Sword T0+++++ :point_right::point_left::flushed::flushed:


See, that’s what I’m bewildered about…
image This looks perfectly fine and sexy
image But then you do this and all of a sudden it looks wrong

image Yet this has always looked correct



Divinity looks like it’s leaking

The oddness is from the size of the grip and guard, the larger the guard the weirder it looks bottom left. The smaller the guard the more natural it looks bottom left. This is because we tend to look at sprites from the left to right.



saw this on the realm ideas discord :flushed:


This thread is gold.

I’m attempting to create making a couple of sprites for Puffagod’s Elder Realms just for fun, and I can guarantee one of them is cursed… I’ll post it here when finished!


In order, left row top-bottom, right row top-bottom:
Tricorne, Draconian, Exalted Might, Hivemaster, T5, T6, T7.


The cursed combination of Null and Dammah.

does this count?


Lol wow, good job on that parasite! I wouldn’t want that in-game, but an interesting twist concept to its physical features. Considering that place was loosely intended as a guild hall, I do wonder what some of those larger creatures once were.

The Dammah/Null actually looks gorgeous… sorry if that’s an insult.


I actually scrolled down when it started looking at me damn thats creepy


Oryx, but a cube ate him


(please someone help me fix the sword at the first walking frame, i can’t get it right or it is just me)


What if the Eagles at Beesa…were Oryx…?

yes I call him beesa because unibro made his fight


i mean, thats a pretty valid reason



Knight with wings ?

Knight with wings.

And it’s counterpart, the… Exalted Knight !


yes these are recolors of what i did earlier, but… copyright-free…? I dunno.




Behold: Oryx, The Chad God!!!

“So masculine, he fights like a true alpha male, mano a mano, without sword nor shield.”

And in the most ironic of twists, he looks like a Virgin version of himself lol
I’m really sorry, guys. It’s not even that well done


People say that to me all the time


phaedra Valus
Green and Black Cultists


Uh, @Triforcej, TNSN’s minions stole your head… need it back?