Cursed Sprites


Uh, @Triforcej, TNSN’s minions stole your head… need it back?


Why is this under Cursed Sprites? This totally belongs in the game.


Talking about cultists…


Fr tho the white and purple ones actually look pretty dang cool


white one looks like durant


Purple one looks like a purple durant


Dang it rly does look like it


Love the purple one




by all means, go get it!


I’ve had an interesting conversation recently that led to this image:



but he has a wife D:


Welcome back to another episode of “Seelpit takes some enemy’s color palette and slaps it onto something else as a result of some catalystic thoughts from her fellow testers”!
This time, we have:
Stheno with Limon’s palette.

Stheno with Star Mother palette…kinda similar, aren’t they?

image image
And two varieties of Stheno with Malphas’ palette ^u^

I also bring:
Swapped Pentaract and Pentaract Eye.

Limon with Stheno’s palette…or a furious Sprite God that stole someone’s skin!


It vaguely reminds me of the 1981 “Clash of the Titans” Medusa.

Also, the Peneteract/eye looks like they were synthesized in the Mad Lab lol


While looking for some items I could palette swap, I took notice of something I hadn’t touched yet…

April Fools '21 leak :^3
In order, Foramite Comet, Acidic Glaive, Corrosion Daggers, Warblind Wand, Moon Blade, Blazon Judgment;
Staff of Calamity, Gaseous Slasher, Dueling Cutter, Snowlord Wand, Firebeam Blade, Sun’s Bow!


Today, I bring you some leaked STs :^3


Wrong thread. You need to post these in the based sprites thread.


Not necessarily a sprite but,



I’ve been making some Wind Flowers lately.


anything with honey scepter is not cursed sorry