Cursed Sprites


Hey, did you know that this sprite for the Marble Colossus, from the Lost Halls’ inital release:
has 44 different shades of gray?
They look like this when lined up:

So of course, what did I do with this knowledge?
I made the most overshaded shield in existence.


I had forgotten about that ugly mess of a boss sprite


One of them was literally the Chad God per Puffagod’s insistence xd

The other doesn’t belong in the Cursed Sprites category. It’s a much more serious skin.


This time, I found not a palette…
Totalia%20but%20with%20Malus%20Colors Totalia%20but%20frozen Totalia%20but%20with%20MBC%20palette
…but a muse.


Someone has probably already made this joke.
Ancient Runes


Damn the old marble colossus itself is enough to justify a post in this thread.




…so I went out and made them.


the blue cutter looks so good


I took some creative liberty and made this cutie:
What sprites could it be all based on? :>


Mana pot hat


Oh so that’s what the new bard st set sprite is?



Uh, Megamoth wings, loosely a Thessal body, and a honey potted head. No clue.


It’s the djinja skin right?


Wrong and wrong!
Quick hints:

  • It consists of 4 parts
  • Only three “parts” are of an actual in-game sprite
  • The fourth part is from the Angelic Bard set recolored with the colors from the Chief Beisa set


Mermaid sorcerer


Totalian%20Mystic Totalia%20but%20Magmatic
hmmmm * 2


Totalia looks fire

kill me now



Look at you,
Acidified%20Assassin%20Set%20but%20with%20Crystallized%20Fang%20highlights Acidified%20Assassin%20set%20skin%20but%20with%20Crystallized%20Fang%20colors