Cursed Sprites


Yep it’s blessed


Not going to lie, while the Raijin Disciple archer set could look better, that Phantom Ninja set looks dead sexy.

Never before has something made me chuckle so, while also possibly scaring me for an eternity.


is it done ?

I’ve been waiting for a few months now


Hey, did you know that this sprite for the Marble Colossus, from the Lost Halls’ inital release:
has 44 different shades of gray?
They look like this when lined up:

So of course, what did I do with this knowledge?
I made the most overshaded shield in existence.


I had forgotten about that ugly mess of a boss sprite


One of them was literally the Chad God per Puffagod’s insistence xd

The other doesn’t belong in the Cursed Sprites category. It’s a much more serious skin.


This time, I found not a palette…
Totalia%20but%20with%20Malus%20Colors Totalia%20but%20frozen Totalia%20but%20with%20MBC%20palette
…but a muse.


Someone has probably already made this joke.
Ancient Runes


Damn the old marble colossus itself is enough to justify a post in this thread.