Cursed Sprites



Look at you,
Acidified%20Assassin%20Set%20but%20with%20Crystallized%20Fang%20highlights Acidified%20Assassin%20set%20skin%20but%20with%20Crystallized%20Fang%20colors


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Anyone remember r/rotmg going mad with purple reskins?


I just realized that I hadn’t “liked” anything on this thread. Imma fix that


I remember that. That was… something.


That tablet helm is honestly better than any sprite on there or in the game currently.


holy crap you just brought this to light how can I thank you


Crusade Flowers!






mom come pick me up im scared


I know this is not cursed but

image image image image

WIP ^^^


Cursed classes


sorcerer really popping in that lavender


Love the Huntress the most out of all of them! They are all a little different looking, but oh my heck, that Trickster makes me squirm! >.<

You think I’d like having my two favorite classes combined, but no.


the trickster just looks like the mystic cut off the bottom of their robes


I know, and I don’t like it. I’ve never liked the default Trix sprite much, contrary to the Mystic, who probably has my favorite default sprite. The lack of garb seems unnatural; almost like a stripping of status, or something.


that’s because they’re not a robe class


Fat pally eating oreo