Cursed Sprites


You can thank Beige for that :^3


Oh thanks for telling me. Saw it in the RotMG discord


A u g h , it looks even more blursed up close…


The thing that really gets me is the awkward patch job with the mouth area. The eyes are well done, but I can see the rectangular mouth/blush overlap.


They’ve swapped the colours of all the dragons (including the Ivory Wyvren), here’s just 1 screenshot to not spoil all the fun

@Seelpit This looks like something you’d be in charge of doing :3c


No water abyss?!

Must be a mistake…


Luckily, I wasn’t the one in charge of putting it all in the code! I am the one responsible for blessing you with these perfect sprites, though. You’re welcome :3
Poor Baragon, however…


don’t think I ever posted this one




What am I even looking at


Sprite world with all the tiles removed and the trees are replaced with knights


You removed your pfp(s)? :<


I don’t want to be OwO anymore… I want to be UwU.


11_PM 11%20PM

I will pay any amount of money to see this in game



you stupid


Ice Chambers / Parasite Cave whites >w>
From left to right, up and down:
Nightmare Staff - Infected Skull - Attires of the Host - Horror Ring
Icicle Scepter - Searing Snow Spell - Permafrost Tome


Weird skull, but the robe looks cool


That scar detail on the skull is absolutely amazing. Great work!


A wise philosopher once said, and I paraphrase here, that meeting new people is what stimulates oneself to continue evolving thoughts.

For me, it just means I get more inspiration to make stuff like this!
Honey Hermit Gods, for whenever a Nest setpiece overlaps a Hermit setpiece :>


I’m sure this has been done beefore, but
This Gave Me A Headache.