Cursed Sprites


Why does it haves the same color palette as @Seelpit


It doesn’t? It uses Bilgewater’s colors, not the Blob Colony’s.
This has, however, given me an idea…


Tell me, what’s your relationship with arachna?




@Skandling Observe what you’ve unleashed.


Ah yes, the possibly shittiest color combo for RotMG spritework, dark blue and black
its like the slightly less eyebleed cousin of the magenta and black broken texture color



Wish granted : )



Beefcake 2: Beef Harder

Alternate title: What if the rogue was a JoJo character


The “I have to download Half Life” wand


What the fuck

That sprite deserves its own thread


You see I would say how good it looks, but my eyes are bleeding so I can’t tell


That’s not a cursed sprite, that sprite is blessed by the most holy angels of RNGesus


DUDE DENK PPE. Na seriously though I LOVE this one!





New Cem’s looking a little weird…

Bonus bc it just popped in my head, oh god:
we live in a society


that Skuld is blessed in my book


Yeah, it actually looks perfectly normal in that palette

That’s how Skuld looked before she died, this may as well be canon now since no one is going to argue otherwise

Except for the lack of legs


Men can have buff models, why can’t women also have them?


Looks a bit like she’s wearing Chasuble of Holy Light !