Cursed Sprites


that’s not cursed it looks very good





Earth Dragon


Somebody urged me to try and color it with the old Ivory Wyvern’s colors, and it came out quite nicely!

…uh oh.


you made this.


I blame @Sturky for making me a slave of my creativity










yes I did waste at least two minutes on this


fwoosh > foosh imo


I fail to see how this is my fault. You’re the one who wanted to do this.


You gave me the idea -> my creativity is awoken -> I am enslaved by my creativity to create those sprites




This is it. The actual, best reply in this entire thread. We can all go home now. It’s over.



spooky boi actually looks pretty good


image image
Brain Ghost, Ghost Brain.
Have you fear yet?


I recently discovered that the reason why Nile and Pyramid are coloured the way they are, is because their colors are based off of the potion of life and mana sprite, respectively.
So, of course, this warrants a Sphinx variant, which is this:
…potion of…goo. Doesn’t seem like it boosts any stat.


Doesnt make much sense since Pyra gives hp and Nile gives both


If the Ring of the Sphinx colouration is from being a blend of Pyra and Nile and they are inspired by mana and life pots, you could infer that pot would be a combo of life and mana pots, giving something like +2HP and +2MP permanent increase.


As hilarious as it is, I honestly wouldn’t mind such a potion existing in game. Who wants to drink a mana potion or a life potion when they are literally just 1hp/mp away from maxing? This potion oughta solve that :3


After @Lily happened to inform me that the Crystal Shield is really just an Ogmur recolor, I decided that this was an excellent cursed sprite opportunity. And fortunately for you, I accidentally flipped the colors first time 'round, so you get 4 for the price of 2!
Shield%20of%20Crystal%20v2 Shield%20of%20Crystal
Ogmur%20Shield%20v2 Ogmur%20Shield