Da Alchemist


So i’ve been wondering for a while… will we ever see the alchemist again or is it long dead?


They’re probably working to bring it back.


it’s probably long dead, along with tarot cards tbh :frowning:


the alchemist lmao…

I still have pleasant memories of scrambling to buy the tarots I needed to finish the tinkerer quests and then the alchemist would randomly leave the nexus for months at a time. Still have a bunch of tarots on a mule.


I think I’ve collected the rarest of the tarots for the most part. just saving em for the day our fine lad comes back to the nexus, and brings back the glory days…

Edit: found them



Looks like I just had the common ones. I remember the lod (world) and shaitan (chariot) tarots being really rare, looks like you have both of them.

This reminds me of treasures, another item that doesn’t really have a purpose:
Although I did buy a bunch back in the day to feed my pet.


14 Oreos
what on earth


Its probably still from april fools, so they’re most likely just the pet food cookies


Na I just spend all of my waking hours finding pentaracts and farming oreos to further my collection.


My internet is so bad that I don’t even pick up oreos. How can you use them when you are lagging 50% of the time or more? At the very far reaches of DSL … Dial up maybe faster (jk).

Time to go invulnerable … LAG “press ability” MORE LAG … roll another pally. Yep Oreos are pretty useless to me.


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