Dagger of some sort



someone can make stats if they want


Someone move it to WIP

As for the stats, maybe:

Tier: UT
Shots: 1
Damage: 200-230 (average: 215)
Rate of Fire: 50%
Range: 6 tiles
Speed to Lifetime: 100 to 600 (slow)
Special Properties: Shots hit multiple enemies

Also, the blade of the dagger looks similar to the Heartfind Dagger


the handle looks weird tbh.


The hilt looks somewhat like that of a katana


Third time’s the charm eh?


Yeah except for that weird 2 pixels that stick up from the hilt, and how the blade is not aligned with the grip properly.


Moved to -> #ideas:wip.

It looks like a very sturdy dagger. The hilt kind of offsets the bluish tint of the blade, with its brown/red hue. It really gives me a chilly vibe, looking at it, so…

Dagger of Relentless Hatred
A fierce, heavy dagger, forged in the depths of the arctic caverns in the north. Its hilt emits a pulse when held, like a beating heart.


Dagger of Dire Hatred


?? the descriptions aren’t similar.


He meant that the names of the dagger is basically the same.


Concrete Slab

-Made from a strange material not known to the world of monsters, magic, and fantasy. The blade is heavy, brittle, and dull, making the weapon largely ineffective. It is not known what purpose this otherworldly, yet useless, dagger was crafted for.-

Shots: 0

can be traded to the tinkerer for the Cardboard Slicer, a weapon equally as powerful as the Concrete Slab. trading both grants you the Tinfoil Slicer, which has 5 times as many shots and does 12 times as much damage.


Lmao. Tinfoil Slicer has 0 shots also and 0 dmg I like that


Damn, insanely powerful. Pls implement


zero shots, zero damage…i LIKE it!


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