Dagger of the lost lands


Dagger of the lost lands

A dagger found in the lost lands made in the village of that of the lands
Damage: 150-360
Range: 3.7
Rate of fire: 80%
Fame: 5%


Isn’t this just the new Assassin ST dagger? Low RoF, high damage per shot?


The red and blue don’t go well together. Reminds me of the America Ring America Ring (ew)
If you really want to have those two drastically different colors in one sprite, try something like the Dirk of Cronus, where the colors mix in the middle and slowly change to the other. But be careful while doing this! A lot of people tend to overshade, making the entire thing look like a mess. I remember an old friend taught me: Always limit yourself to three shades per color. Exceptions occur at times, of course, like when you’re drawing a detailed 16x16 sprite. But it’s something you should keep in mind when drawing items like these.


I think the range is too short for a dagger.


yeah, this range is even shorter than the cutlass, known to be low range SWORD