Daily Logins Calender... Fixed!


So you know, people be complaining about the login calendar all the time. And you know what, right now login calendars are pretty $%^&. Not only that, they’re the only way f2p people get high fp items or character slots
/ vault chests. However, they are way to easy to claim, and so I have a solution.
The way to solve this problem is to make daily calendars harder to get. However, this defeats the daily rewards system in a way. So, compromises will have to be made.
The basic premise is this: Players trade in items (marks, consumables, etc) at the tinkerer for calendar tokens, which will be one a day and will essentially replace “logging in” and be exploit-proofed in some way. This new calendar can replace the old calendar system or be an addition to the old calendar system. Of course, this new system should be much more rewarding. If this new system is added to the old system, maybe the old calendar system will be nerfed in some way.


wait whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
nah bruh i have to live off one char slot and vault space
i hate it
now i have to go farm pits for my dailies?
lol i would prefer deca give us more char slots and vaults
i feel like i read this post wrong and im just making a fool of myself


Or DECA could implement your idea and make char slots and vaults more common
Compromise 100


Your idea is not bad and getting better rewards for doing daily quests sounds pretty good. However, I have enough of a life to know that I wouldn’t be able to do daily quests everyday if that method was implemented (unless it was doing like a Snake Pit or an easy Glands dungeon once for the daily calendar ticket), and so i wouldnt be able to get as much rewards, dropping my daily activity since i wouldnt even bother to boot up the game if i didnt have enough time in my day to do it. Maybe implementing it alongside the current daily login calendar since then you could get the good but not as good daily prizes from just logging in and if you managed to have some time to play, you could get the redeemable daily rewards which would be more rewarding since they would require actual gameplay.




Man I remember doing this but getting a lot more negative reception. My idea was that you only have to complete quests for half the normal days in exchange for not having to show up everday


Another post made by someone not satisfied with the amount of free stuff they are getting…

As an actual f2p player I can say that it is more than enough.


The only problems is that back then deca gave out much more useful free stuff
rip me


Some free stuff is better than none, please don’t be too spoiled/greedy.




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