Damage Thresholds and HP Scaling


Dreadstump finally got the buff he needed. DECA has been forgiven for their sins


the threshold issue of Stone guards was fixed loooong ago. Now you can most likely get ass on wand class even on crowded oryx.


I was wondering why this didnt happen earlier


Now on RotMG live: One new player attempts a pirate cave, 80 white stars come in and watch


ok, I didn’t know that.


seriously reading this.
Finally Dr terrible gets Hp scaling.
Previously. if you miss it by like 4 secs, then you have no chance to get loot.


ive got A.S.S with wand classes leveling not even 20 yet.




look at EDIT3, they lowered threshold on ASS, but also lowered drop rate to compensate (yet everyone would agree that ASS, even with lower drop rate than before, drops way more often than before, because of the threshold being achievable without only warriors :p)

also, about Mad Lab (and other same experience), I don’t think hp scaling changes anything, as the threshold correlates with the scaled hp. If you can’t get loot, it’s most likely because threshold is too high. And hp scaling alone will allow you to shoot, yes, but reaching threshold? not so sure. Invincibility at start, on the other hand, in order for everyone to join the fight, will allow you to reach sb.

if the threshold is very low and the “4sec can’t get sb thingy” is just because boss is dead by then, just nvm what I said, because in that case yes scaling will allow you to reach threshold :stuck_out_tongue:


If everyone cleared or rushed at once then there would be no problem. If you have to tp in to boss then all you need is mediocre timing to click the teleport button on the guy who rushed.


but if someone rush while someone else clears, the guy who clears could not see the rushing guy at boss, hence the long tp. Same if you tp to wrong person. Rushers are the ones creating the issue, because it force others to stop clearing and be attentive on when the guy will get to boss, don’t make it look like it’s the other way around.

how many times was I confused/blind or paralyzed in OT, then missed boss because of it. Or just clearing/rushing, but having to tp back to main room, then ofc someone just go to boss at that moment…

but I agree, if you just sit at start room, it’s pretty easy to tp in time…

In any case, some invincibility does mean everyone get a shot at the boss/loot, which is fair.


Yes, especially if they are all leeching at spawn and wait for one person to rush.


hence why rushers should stop rushing, so others who can’t/don’t want to rush could actually be incentivized to clear with the group (even though, we can see in shatt/clear events that ppl leech anyhow…)

I would love if we could make some good incentive to clear, like increasing drop chance for every mob you hit in the dungeon or something, but sadly it’s most likely not that easy to implement.


Exactly why you should leave rushers to do their thing.
Only scenario on which I would agree with you on is the forgotten king because rushers ruin everyone’s chance to even see the third boss, but that’s just a shatters problem.


I meant at 2nd boss in shatt, no one rush switches (at least not 1st one), yet everyone leech. Even when all rushers nexus in a dungeon, you still see ppl waiting in main room.

Rushers do affect my gameplay because they force me to wait. I don’t play this game to wait and tp to the only person having fun, so I would say the opposite of you : screw rushers as much as leechers, and start making things AGAINST rushers as well (also against leechers obviously). For instance, the walls and the quiet in Oryx Castle, or the wall in Ddocks, etc. (don’t forget that’s the reason for the no teleport dungeons…) Rushing is NOT coop. Yes you have faster loot I guess, but you take the fun away for it. Very bad trade-off, and definitely not the purpose of the game to rely on 1 guy instead of a group of people.

By making stuff easily leech-able, or by promoting rushing, or by saying let rushers rush, they give you faster loot, that issue is just exacerbated for no reason. So no, don’t leave rushers do their thing, forbid them to do it instead.


I have no idea what you’re on about. “rushers have all the fun”? Why don’t you rush yourself then? Noone’s telling you to sit still and wait until someone sprints to the boss.
“that issue is just exacerbated for no reason”, no, what you’re saying right now is what’s “exacerbated” for no reason, rushers are people who maxed speed and maybe use speed boosting items most of the time, and there is literally no reason to stop people from going slightly faster than others in a dungeon, unless it’s, like I just said, the forgotten king where it locks itself in.


I do rush myself but that doesn’t change the fact it’s wrong, and it’s not coop. It’s like saying “threshold is high, so don’t take low dps class”. It’s just not fair. 1 person rush means the rest needa wait. If several ppl rush, the ones that didn’t went on the correct path to boss get screwed, while the ones in main room arrive in time. How is that even remotely good design?


Looking hot


If you went on the wrong path, that’s your fault, not the rushers.
The funny thing is that this thread literally states that thresholds are being lowered but you use ‘high’ thresholds as an argument.
Why is rushing not co-op? Ddocks admittedly did have a trashy portal to the boss, but that has been PATCHED. I have not seen a single ddocks where the rusher did not call since.
I don’t see your problem with oryx castle rushing, since that was near impossible back in the day anyway, only way you couldn’t keep up is if you’re not level 20 or had a really fresh character. Carry a speed ring for goodness sake.


If I went on wrong path while rushing is my fault? Yes, you’re right, I should leech in main room like others, that’s more intended…

threshold are BEING lowered, but hp scaling increase those as well, so definitely not completely over. Also, was a comparison, because you were saying I should do wrong things instead of complaining, which is imo nonsense. “if you can’t beat them join them”, screw that

Ppl call in ddocks? since when? oh right, since there is an ANTI RUSHER wall…

Rushing in Oryx castle WAS a thing, and such a bad thing that they made those walls + quiet + weak. (edit : if you don’t remem those days, rushers could kill 1, sometimes even both statues before the group arrived, like here, before the weak, the quiet un-invisible you fix, and the hp increase of the walls : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcYjfA9x4pA)

Rushing is a SOLO thing. This is a COOP game. Trying to say rushing is good may be true for singular persons (aka those who rush), and for those who only want fast easy loot (aka leechers), but for those who want to play the game? (you know, the dungeon itself is created to be played, not only the boss…).

I can rush myself, I have good pet, I know how to, but that doesn’t mean I can’t think about others. Try to do the same. Even the low lvl, not 20, no pet, whatever. They shouldn’t even have a chance to play the game? their only hope is to leech? Good path to take for the game…

Imagine that new player coming in the game, seeing everyone in main room doing nothing, then everyone teleporting elsewhere, and by the time that new player get to boss, it’s already/almost dead. Way to go to appeal new players haha

But well, you seem to believe making other leech is coop, so tell me, how is it coop? because it give others faster loot? is that the only reason? because again, you forbid others to try to play while you rush. Yes, they could actually want to leech etc., but the fact is, you forbid those who want to experience the dungeon (aka not only the boss) to play the game.

In any case, this is diverging from the thread topic, so let’s continue via pm, it’ll be easier for deca :slight_smile: